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Mayhem is a creepy, good read that is not to be missed!

Someone is killing women and leaving their body parts. All except for the heads. Dr. Bond can not sleep from all the imagines of the murders. So he turns to opium. He then roams the streets at night. There is evil lurking in the dark of the night.

To be honest, it was not Jack the Ripper that drew my attention to this book and made me want to read it. It was the description of the Torso Killer that got me. I am a junkie for a good, well-written gory murder/serial killer story. You would not imagine how hard it really is now a days to find a book like this.

This book is not that gory. Well not by my standards anyways. When I think of gory I think of Chelsea Cain and Gretchen. She is one sick, twisted woman. There are not a lot of details spent on the murders as far as when the victims were alive before they were chopped up into pieces and tossed out like left over meat. Luckily, what this book lacked in the gore factor it made up for in the world and the characters. The opium filled world that the doctor spent his time in was creepy and intriguing at the same time. The supernatural elements played nicely with the killings. Would have liked to have seen Jack and the Torso Killer interact. Mayhem is a creepy, good read that is not to be missed!

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The Sowing. This book could be the next Hunger Games or Ender's Game!

Remy's sister was killed along with her classmates. It was a massacre in the classroom. Yet somehow, Remy survived. Now years later, Remy has come back on the grid. She was hiding out with the Resistance. Yet all this time Remy has not forgotten her sister. She suspects that the killing was set up but for what reason?

Valerian aka Vale Orlean is the leader on the other side. He has been put in charge with finding the members of the Resistance and stopping them. However it is not as easy as it seems when Vale has feelings for Remy.

I am all about dystopia books. Which is what I would classify this book to be. So if you are into this type of genre or just looking for something new to read then you should check out this book. It is written by a family team of a mother and her daughters. If I had not been told that this book was written by several people then I would have never known. You can not tell where one left off and the next one picked up.

The characters and the world that this series is based around is what I enjoy about these types of books. It was like I could see everything as if I was living in the world with Remy and her friends.

While I am on Remy's side 100%, I have to say that the other side is not so bad as well. Especially when the other side has Vale. He is fighting for what he believes in to, even if he may be fighting for the wrong side. The action was not in your face but it was there some. This book is more about telling about the world and the characters all leading up to book two. Which I can not wait to read. The Sowing will have you on the edge of your seat. This book could be the next Hunger Games or Ender's Game!

K. Makansi is the pen name for the mother-daughter writing team of: 
kbmpicKristina Blank Makansi – Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Kristina has a B.A. in Government from University of Texas at Austin and a M.A.T. from the College of New Jersey and an opinion on everything. She has worked as a copywriter, marketing coordinator, web and collateral designer, editor, and publisher. In 2010, she co-founded Blank Slate Press, an award-winning small press focusing on debut authors in the greater St. Louis area, and in 2013, she co-founded Treehouse Publishing Group, an author services company assisting both traditionally and self-published authors. In addition to The Seeds Trilogy, she is hard at work revising her historical fiction, Oracles of Delphi, set in ancient Greece.
amira-2Amira K. Makansi - Amira graduated with honors in three years from the University of Chicago where she earned a BA in History and was a team leader and officer for UChicago Mock Trial. She has served as an assistant editor and has read and evaluated Blank Slate Press submissions since the press was founded. She is an avid reader and blogger who also has a passion for food, wine, and photography. She has worked at wineries in Oregon and France and is approaching fluency in French. Along with working part-time for BSP, she works for a wine distributorship in St. Louis. In addition to The Seeds Trilogy, she reviews books and blogs about writing, food and wine at The Z-axis.  

Elena-for-seeds-web-300x210Elena K. Makansi – Elena is a senior at Oberlin College where she is focusing on Environmental Studies especially as it relates to her passion–food justice. She’s also studied studio art and drawing and has had her work featured in several college publications. While in high school, she won numerous writing and poetry awards, was awarded a scholarship to attend the Washington University Summer Writing Institute and attended the Iowa Young Writers Studio. She also won a scholarship to represent her Amideast cohort as the “resident” blogger during her study abroad in Amman, Jordan. She and Amira backpacked through Europe together and share a passion for cooking, baking–and, yes, eating. Elena maintains a Tumblr and a blog, Citizen Fiddlehead, about food and other topics.


Haven is the story of Kennedy Shaw. A Senior at Woodrow Wilson High School. This is Kennedy's account of the events that took place. It is pretty amazing that someone can put into words a zombie attack. I give Kennedy kudos.

Ok first off I have to say that sarcasm helps. No I am not being a wise-ass. My other first language besides English is Sarcasm. When it is not snarky then the sarcasm that the characters give off can add to their whole persona or lighten the mood. In this case, the sarcasm did both. I mean hello not everyone can be all rainbows and unicorns after just surviving a zombie attack. Besides this is high school people. No one really likes each other.

However I thought that the group was kind of clueless in the beginning. Seriously, you did not notice that all the streets were increasingly quiet or the broken glass. Well not until Harrison pointed it out to Kennedy. I thought that both Kennedy and Harrison were suppose to be the leaders. It is funny however that all the characters made me think of a horror movie. They are main staples of a horror flick. You have the jock, the mean girl, the weak one, the cute one, and the girl who survives.

My only real gripe with this book was that it did read a little zombie 101. Like everyone was quoting what they had seen in movies, television shows, or books. Otherwise I did think this was a pretty good book.

About Laury Falter
Laury Falter is a bestselling author of young adult romantic suspense and urban fantasy. She has three series out: the Guardian Trilogy, the Residue Series, and the Apocalypse Chronicles.
To learn more about Laury and her novels, visit her at her WebsiteTwitter pageFacebook page, and Goodreads page.

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Wild Card Book Blast + Giveaway

It was bad enough that gods gambled with human souls, but Catherine Sharp’s soul just had to be won by the Greek goddess of Discord, Eris. As if working a dead-end tech support job didn’t suck the life out of her as it was. Now, Cat finds herself performing random tasks for the goddess in her free time.
But when Coyote, the Native American trickster himself, claims to have won her own soul in Mayhem's weekly poker game, Cat wants in on the action. With five sneaky gods upping the ante, Cat needs to find a way to collect the winning chips that could save her soul.  
Marius, a handsome yet irritating satyr with his own debt to Eris, might finally come in handy for something. If they play their cards right and work together, Cat and Marius may just get their freedom back. If they don't kill each other or fall in love first.
WILD CARD will be available for purchase on 11/25.

Title: Wild Card
Author: Jamie Wyman
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 280 pages
Release Date: November 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-375-0
Imprint: Entangled Edge

Preorder Available!


© 2013 Jamie Wyman

Chapter One

“Nobody Weird Like Me”
I should’ve known something was wrong with the world that day. On my way to work, I breezed through every single green light like I owned the city. I even found a primo parking spot near the center of the Strip. The promise of the weekend bubbled up before me like primordial awesomeness waiting to be tapped and turned into a brew of good memories.
So, of course, someone had to squash my optimism like an ant under a boot.
As I stomped toward Caesars Palace for my next appointment, my phone rang. “Barracuda” by Heart. I let out the signature sigh of the bone-weary. Nothing good ever came of phone calls from him.
Without breaking stride, I rummaged through my bag and retrieved my cell. “This is Cat,” I said tersely.
“Catherine, darling,” sang the unctuous voice. “What a delight it is to speak with you.”
“Marius,” I growled. I didn’t even attempt to conceal my loathing for the satyr and his smug British accent.
“I can tell by your enthusiasm that you’ve missed me.”
“I’ve counted every second we’ve been apart,” I sneered.
“What do you want?”
“Our mistress wishes to see you,” he said.
His smirk nearly blasted through the phone. My knuckles
popped as I clenched my fist, imagining the glorious day when I could finally smack that look off his face.
“Marius, I can’t play right now. I have to work. You know? The thing mere mortals do to pay the bills?”
“Yes. Tedious, that.”
I snorted. “More than a little. I’m on my way to a job right now, Marius. The boss will just have to wait.”
“Be that as it may, the Lady expects you in her office in one hour. Ta-ta, love.”
I glared at the phone. The goat-legged son of a bitch hung up on me. Stuffing the cell in my bag, I heaved a sigh and thought, I hate immortals.
When one of the more adept techies in Las Vegas had called the office with server problems, I’d cringed. If Tully reached out for help, it meant he’d probably run into some weird, arcane shit. On the plus side, it also means this girl gets to pay rent.
Like always, I met up with David Tullemore at the registration desk of Caesars Palace. When he strolled into the lobby, he was a sweaty mass of panic. One look at me, though, and Tully’s face sagged with relief.
“Thank God, they sent someone competent today.”
Since I can say with utmost certainty that God didn’t send me that day, I appreciated the compliment for what it was worth. More than once Tully had told me how he’d called up Answers, Inc.—
my more mundane employer—and his problems multiplied until they’d handed the reins over to me. Among our tight community of code monkeys and IT gurus, I’d built a bit of a reputation for knowing my craft.
As he escorted me through the winding halls of the casino offices, we were a study in opposites. Tully was tall and damn near spherical whereas I was stick straight and short. We were dressed similarly in the unofficial uniforms of our trade—polo shirts and khakis—but while my demeanor was casual, Tully was jittery as a coked up squirrel. We exchanged pleasantries, dropped the mantles of contractor and helpless techie, and melted into the routine of friends.
“So, saved the world today?” he asked as he dabbed perspiration from his forehead.
“Not yet. But I did rewire a celebrity’s panic room this morning. Thanks to me she should be able to survive hordes of paparazzi and fanboys.”
“If you did the job, she’d survive a zombie apocalypse.”
“Well,” I said after thinking a moment, “she’ll survive if she doesn’t trip over her implants.”
His round face split with hopeful awe, and his eyes sparkled. “Whose house?”
“If I told you, I’d have to kill you, Tully.” I chuckled as we rounded a corner. “How’s the wife?”
He blew out a tired, dramatic breath, and rolled his eyes. “Fine until a few hours ago. Today, Cat, I am in the doghouse.”
“What’s going on?”
“This stupid party tonight. Apparently it’s been on the books for months, but no one in the whole hotel knew we were hosting a gala tonight! Security is scrambling and management has called all hands. I have to work my regular hours plus the graveyard shift to make sure nothing else goes wrong with the system.”
“Can’t hand it off to someone lower in the food chain?”
He shook his head. “No. This isn’t just some benefit dinner. This is big time. A lot of money will be walking in the door tonight. If a lightbulb so much as flickers, my boss will grind me to a pulp and serve me up as tacos on the ten-dollar buffet.”
“Easy, Tully,” I said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Before you start smearing salsa all over yourself, why don’t we take a look at what you’ve got for me?”
Swiping his card key,Tully accessed the data center, the beating heart of the casino. Cold, dry air blasted me in the face as I stepped in. Everything in Las Vegas depends on one computer system or another. Security, gaming, hotel room lists and reservations, Wi- Fi—you name it.
Walking into the clean, orderly room, the tension left my shoulders, and I felt my limbs relax. As the white noise of massive air conditioners lulled me into a Zen-like peace, I could almost feel my breathing fall into a cadence with the steady rhythm of the machines around me. Rooms like this are my spa. Everything has a purpose. Everything has its place. Here, everything is simple.
If only the rest of my life could be so structured and solid.
Tully rounded a corner and gestured to the worktable. “This is my problem, Cat,” he called over the mechanical din. “My domain controller shut down last night, and I can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with it.”
The domain controller is the brain and spinal cord of any casino’s systems, the “God server.” It ensures that everything runs as one smooth operation. I shuddered. If Tully hadn’t solved this riddle, what kind of a mess would I find when I took a peek?
My friendly demeanor dropped as I switched into work mode. When I spoke again, my words were clipped, my tone all business. “Backup controller working?”
“Backup is fine, but I want this one online before tonight.” “Understood.”
I sat down at the desk and hunched over the server. I opened
the case and let my eyes wander over the tangle of cables and cords connecting to circuit boards and processors. Without laying a finger on it, I acquainted myself with the machine’s landscape.
I’d often thought peering into the insides of a computer was a lot like reading entrails. Most people thought every hard drive looked like the same ancient riddle, but my trained eyes saw a language, a pattern, a grand design. Whenever I looked into the guts of a machine, I knew things.
As I took out a pair of magnification glasses, Tully slowly paced the room, his bulk rolling with each step.
“Please, God, just make this work,” he said. “Make this work and I will do anything.”
Without taking my eyes off the problem in front of me, I blew a stray lock of my copper hair out of my face. “Name’s not God, and I don’t know Him.”
“Sorry, Cat,” he said. “I’m nervous.”
I pushed the glasses up over my forehead and regarded Tully. “You know what I think is funny? Everyone always wants to believe that some all-powerful deity is watching them and guiding them, but, in reality, deities aren’t all that helpful.”
Tully nodded, his cheeks rippling in a nervous grin. “It’s Vegas. What do you expect? Everyone wants the cards to turn their way. Faith and luck are everywhere.”
“I guess. But why would they give a damn one way or the other about what goes on in our lives? Oh, that’s right. They don’t. The gods only care about themselves.”
He tilted his head. “You have some wisdom on the matter, Cat?”
Loads, I thought. I’ve met more deities than most people acknowledge even exist. I’d just gotten off the phone with an actual satyr, and my best friend was a mage who could manipulate machines and electronics. If Tully wanted to wax philosophical, I could blow his paranoid, caffeine-soaked mind. But, since I figured he wouldn’t want his worldview rocked that day, I refrained from going off on the rant that was bubbling up inside of me.
“My experience? It’s when the gods take an interest in you that you should start praying.”
His face fell.
I let him chew on that thought and went back to work, gazing deep into the circuitous paths making up the motherboard. Like a map, the lines spread out before me, linking together to form a picture as familiar as my hometown. I found the problem by the conspicuous absence of a simple connection.
“Bingo,” I cheered.
“Cat, I’ve been elbow-deep in that thing for hours, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. You’ve been here maybe five minutes.”
“Sometimes, it just takes a fresh pair of eyes. Hand me the soldering kit, will ya?”
I exchanged my magnifiers for a set of safety goggles and set to the gentle work of repairing the “God server.”
“So,” I said, “tell me about this party.”
Tully’s stress pushed out of him in a long string of words. “The joyous rumor is there will be a lot of high-society types. Celebrities, rock stars, models. The works.”
“Pricey entrance fee?”
“Invitation only.”
“Ooh, fancy.”
“Very. Security has extra staff coming in to work the ballroom,
and my boss has me doing grunt work so he can try to get in and schmooze.”
“If it’s any consolation,” I said, “I’m on call tonight, too.” “For us?”
“No, standard agency work.” Or whatever random slog
through humiliation and death-defying trickery the goddess has planned for me this time, I grumbled to myself.
“But,” I added cheerfully, “at least if something goes to hell tonight and you call for help, you’ll probably get me.”
“Well, that’s a relief. At least I know the work would get done right the first time.”
Tully stopped and loomed behind me. Distracted by his presence and the weight of his anticipation, I slid my chin over my shoulder and gave him the slightest of glares. He raised both hands in apology or surrender—or both—and backed away.
I batted my eyelashes in gratitude and went back to my task.
Soldering is delicate work, but fixing a couple of loose connections is cake. There’s something relaxing about it, too. Watching molten metal solidify, I can almost feel the links being created beneath my fingertips. It makes me wonder if that’s what the world looked like millions of years after the Big Bang—little dots of slag spreading out, quenching in the briny wash of the ocean to form restless continents.
When I finished, I looked over my work with a satisfied smile. “Turn the key and see how she runs.”
Tully dragged a thick hand over the greasy fuzz he called hair, then plugged the server into a nearby test strip. Immediately the LED light on the front began to glow. Tully chewed on his lip and watched the monitor, waiting. When the boot sequence began, his fingers clenched into fists. Only when the system was purring and fully functional did Tully let out a hurricane-force sigh of relief.
“See?” I said. “Good as new.”
Tully’s second chin wobbled a little as he gaped at me. I take that sort of thing as a compliment.
I bowed as Yoda might to Obi-Wan. “My work here is done. Unless you’ve got something else for me?”
He shook his head. “No, I think we’re good.”
Good, I thought. Maybe I can actually be on time meeting the goddess for once. Her wrath was not one I particularly wanted to meet again.
I handed him a clipboard to sign off on the work I’d completed and set to packing my tools.
As he scribbled, Tully said, “I don’t know how you do it.” “Sheer awesomeness,” I offered.
“Seriously, Cat, you’re the best.”
I gave a slight shrug. “It’s a gift.”
Tully showed me out of the server room, and we began the trip back to the front desk. “Being wasted on contract work, if you ask me,” he said. “Someone as brilliant as you should be the IT head of any casino in this town. Where were you when we needed a new one?”
I snorted as Tully hit one of my sore spots. When people ask me questions like this—or worse, ask why I don’t work for one of the big names like Google or Microsoft—I have to take a deep breath so I don’t stab them with my multi-tool.
“I interviewed for the job to be your boss, Tully. Don’t remind me.”
“Really? Why didn’t you take it?”
“I didn’t get the offer.”
“Seriously?” Tully said, offended. “But you’re the best! And
I can totally tell you love what you do. I’ve heard you hum while you work. You’d be a way better boss than the asshole I deal with everyday.”
I nodded along with him. I’ve danced to this one before.
“No,” I said, “I mean I didn’t receive the offer. My phone ate the message for a week. By the time I’d gotten it, they’d already filled the position.”
Tully sagged. “That sucks. Bad luck.” You have no idea.
“Well, maybe you can get work with Apple. I mean, you’ve got the tattoo.”
He pointed down to my left wrist, and my eyes followed. Any traces of a good mood I may have had vanished at the
mention of my mark. The gold tattoo looked exactly like that apple—a stylized silhouette with a bite taken out of it. It was a common misconception. A tech nerd fixing computers for twelve hours a day with a freaking apple on her arm? Yeah. Most people associated the tattoo with the brand. It was a brand, sure, just not that kind.
The bitch that had etched her symbol on my arm waited for me, and I was running out of time. I had to get the hell out and hoof it down the Strip.
Giving my friend a quick salute, I shouldered my bag. “All right, Tully. I’m out. Good luck tonight.” I kicked myself into gear and began the brisk walk back through the casino’s labyrinth.
“You, too,” he called after me.
Thanks, I thought. I need all the good luck I can get.

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In the second book in the Saderia series, we find Saderia reunited with her mom and dad. Yes, Saderia did save the day and dicvoered that her parents did nor perish in the fire as previously thought in book one. Now Saderia is ready to go to school. She is excited to go to school and make friends.

Dash is also a new student attending school. However he has a secret. One that he does not want anyone to learn about. It will be hard for fear that if Saderia remembers Dash then she will expose everything.

I found myself liking this book better then the first. I found my stride. Still a fan of Saderia. She is growing up. Most of the new friends that Saderia met at school I liked. Of course the mean girls and Saderia's teacher I did not care for. It just goes to show you that even a princess has to deal with bullies at school. Dash was a nice addition to this series. Hope to see more of him.

Sarah Renee has loved writing from an early age. She has been writing short stories since the age of four, and at the age of ten, she came up with the idea for The Tiger Princess. She wrote the 340-page  novel when she was twelve. She is fascinated with wild animals and the wild world outside her home, and has an obvious great love of tigers. She enjoys spending time with her cats, reading, drawing, and playing her violin when she is not writing. In her free time, she is constantly daydreaming about her many characters, creating new ones, and coming up with interesting adventure story ideas. She is sixteen years old.

Visit Sarah Renée’s website at

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Claire Ryan can sum up the existence of her current life in one word...boring. All Claire does is eat, sleep, and care for her dog. It did not use to be like this. Claire's life changed after the break up of her relationship.

Evan is the owner of the bookshop, Bibliophile. It has been a long time (I mean a loooooooong time, if you get my drift) since he has been with someone. Not since his wife died of ovarian cancer. Now all Evan can think about is Claire. Just the thought of her gets him aroused. However things really heat up once Claire and Evan get to know each other better.

I like a good erotic novel like the rest of them. However I will say it again. I want the build up from the characters. I don't want them to just start doing it right away or in this case thinking about it right away. For example in the beginning when Evan was jerking off to Claire's imagine, he came off as horny and desperate.

As the story progressed my feelings towards Evan never got much better. I found a lacking connection towards him. He came off very domineering. Which as far as I know the master is that way in BDSM. However I thought he could have been a little nicer to Claire as she was her first adventure into this world. He would be mean but then in the next moment he would quickly turn it off and be tender. He was like Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Finally there was Claire. She was weak. I cam imagine that being in her situation can be scary but she is the one that agreed. She would try to act like she was meek when she did like it. She came off as annoying with her big tears. This book was alright.

Giants Rule


Thomas awoke just like he did every day. Only this day was different. The giants have all disappeared. The giants helped the townsfolk by doing work. Without them, what will the townsfolk do? Thomas volunteers to do in search of the giants and bring them back.
I have never heard of this author. To be honest, if I had not had the chance to review this book, I probably still would never know about this author. This would have been a shame. Before I read this book I thought it was going to be a children's book. While it can be, you would have to read it to the younger children as there are a lot of words. The older children can read this book on their own. There is nothing too scary about the giants. In fact, this book is a family book.
Mr. Burbidge inserts a good lesson in this book for all to learn from...that no matter how daunting the task at hand may seem, you don't need a "giant" or anyone else to do the work for you. You are capable of doing great things if you just believe in yourself and God. In addition, you do not have to fear the loss of a loved one as they will always be there in your heart.
In book two, readers are once again transported to the land of the giants. We also get to visit again with Thomas as well as his grown daughter, Hope and her family. Her son, Tommy named after Thomas is rebelling. He gets the opportunity to show that he can do great things when he sets off in search of Big John and his band of raiders. They took Tommy's sister.

In this book, there is more action an the story is longer. I liked getting to know the giants better. In the first book it seemed like I was introduced to only a few giants and there was not much detail given about them. Thomas had grown into an old, wise man. His grandson, Tommy turned out to be a nice, young man. He was brave and smart. Again just like the first book this a nice lesson to be learned from this book. It is almost like you are getting two for the price of one. The third book promises to be a good one from the little snippet I read at the end of this book.

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The Tiger Princess


Saderia is a tiger Princess. She lives with her Aunt and Uncle. Years ago a great fire sweep through the forest and Saderia's parents perished. Saderia's Aunt and Uncle do not understand Saderia. That is why when she learns something about her parents she does not tell her Aunt or Uncle.
Saderia learns that her parents death may not have been an accident. It is up to Saderia to uncover the truth. Even if it may hurt.
I really like the idea that Sarah came up with of a tiger Princess. Saderia is a good princess. She is sassy. However all of her sassiness could not keep me satisfied. None of the other characters drew me in. I found Saderia's Aunt and Uncle to be uncaring. While I know this was not totally true as I got further into the book, they did care. I just wanted them to be more sympathetic in the beginning.
There was plenty of mystery and action that Saderia found herself in. Again though without the support of the other characters to draw me into the story, it kind of went by in a blur. Although I found this book to be just alright, I am amazed that such a young author came up with this story and not this just one but several books. The younger readers will enjoy this book and getting to know Saderia. She will become their friend. She is like a girl only with fur and a tail.



Sarah Renee has loved writing from an early age. She has been writing short stories since the age of four, and at the age of ten, she came up with the idea for The Tiger Princess. She wrote the 340-page  novel when she was twelve. She is fascinated with wild animals and the wild world outside her home, and has an obvious great love of tigers. She enjoys spending time with her cats, reading, drawing, and playing her violin when she is not writing. In her free time, she is constantly daydreaming about her many characters, creating new ones, and coming up with interesting adventure story ideas. She is sixteen years old.

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Little Shepherd + Giveaway

My review

Little Shepherd is Cheryl G. Malandrinos's first children's book. It features little Obed, the shepherd boy. He and his father are out watching the flock when they see a bright light. Within the light appears an angel. The angel tells Obed and his father about a Savior being born that night. You all know than how the rest of the story goes.

I like this book. I thought that Cheryl did a good job telling this well known story through the eyes of Obed. Obed shared the same wonderment and intrigue as any little child would. While I did like this book and the illustrates, I did find the pictures to be a little busy. It made it a little hard to read the words within the picture. Also, this is the type of book that I would read to little children versus letting them read the book themselves. Only because there was a lot of words and children do not have a huge attention span to read all those words. Otherwise, Little Shepherd is a book to treasure.

Visit Cheryl’s website at

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The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 3

If you have not heard or read these books then now is the perfect time. Each book is filled with many different and original short stories. Hey, you might even see some from your friends. Yes, this collection of stories are compiled from actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt's website, Hitrecord. There people (ordinary people like you and me) can go and share stories or videos, etc. Well what are you doing still here reading, go check out the website.

Since you did decide to stay, I want to thank you for staying to read my thoughts about this book. Reading these stories inspires me to write up a few of my own and upload them on the website so that maybe one day I will see my story in print. The stories are not all cute and cuddly. Some are dark but each one tells a story or makes a statement.

Like for example:

This overwhelming desire to be close to you
directly conflicts with my intense fear of people.

From my ship, adrift, I spied you.
And I thought you were an island.
Alas, you were an iceberg,

Because this is Forever Spotlight+ Giveaway

Book Synopsis
The decision that tore them apart...
Former hopeless romantic, Mia Trent, is crushed when the love of her life, Nate McArthur, reveals that he doesn’t want to get married—or have children. But it’s too late. Mia is already pregnant and her dream of “happily ever after” is sharply put to an end when she decides to keep her pregnancy a secret, refusing to force him into a life he doesn’t want.
The compromise that made them a family...
Five years later, Mia must reach out to Nate for help or risk losing her home and shelter for their son. Stunned and outraged by the sudden news of his child, Nate proposes a compromise: give him the summer to get to know his son and he’ll save her home. Yet with Mia back in his life, Nate isn't willing to lose her—or their son—again. What starts off as a temporary arrangement soon becomes a chance at rediscovery and becoming a family. Only Nate must convince his jaded dreamer that his love for her is true…and will last now and forever.
Book Links:

Find “Because This Is Forever” here:

As she rinsed the last dish, Mia jumped when strong arms suddenly wrapped around her middle.
“Sorry,” Nate whispered into her ear. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you heard me.”
She turned off the running water and leaned against him. “No, I was lost in my head. What did you say?”
Nate leaned down and kissed her on the back of her neck. Mia shivered. No matter where or how many, his kiss always left her lightheaded.
“I asked what’s for dessert,” he repeated, kissing her again.
Mia turned in his arms, laughing. “That’s so cliché, you know.”
“What do you mean?” he asked with mock disbelief.
She rolled her eyes. “Oh, please. You say ‘what’s for dessert’ then I say something ordinary and then you say something cheesy like wanting me for dessert.”
He looked down at her, thoughtful. “Hmm, that does sound like something I’d say. But this hungry man could actually still eat.”
“Oh,” Mia said, a little embarrassed by her rash assumption. He was serious. Nate wasn’t a small guy and could honestly still be hungry. “Well…” she began lamely, “I don’t have anything else to feed you.”
Nate’s eyes sparkled. “Yeah, you do,” he whispered. He placed his hands on the counter to either side of her, trapping her between his solid frame and the sink. “I said I could still eat.”
Mia paused, confused. Then she laughed, recognizing the heated suggestion in his eyes. “You’re bad,” she murmured, shoving at his hard chest.
He leaned in closer, his lips only a breath away from hers. “And you like it.”
The Author
Lena Hart writes sensual romances with a hint of mystery and suspense. Together, her alpha heroes and smart, sexy heroines tell a story of incredible love with unforgettable passion. A Florida-native, Lena currently lives in New York City with her two calico kitties, Duchess and Daisy. When she's not writing stories of happily ever after, she's reading, researching, or conferring with her muse.

To learn more about Lena and her upcoming works, visit

Author Links:

There will be a Scavenger Hunt and the winner will get a “Forever Care Package” valued at over $50 (US entrants only), which will include a $100 Visa gift card, favorite items from the characters, and exclusive author swag. Due to shipping costs, if the winner is international he/she will receive a $50 Amazon gift card in place of the care package.
Also, five secret prizes will also be offered throughout the tour in five different blog stops. (these blogs will be notified today)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Escape

Serial killer, Harvey Day Smith is a notorious killer. Even with his last few days until his execution, he is pulling all the strings. He knows the location of a few of his victims graves. HE is willing to share his secrets but he will only talk to one person. Her name is Jolene Granger. She is a psychologist.

Texas Ranger, Brody Winchester is wiling to do anything to help the families of Harvey's victims. That even means working with his ex-wife, Jo.

It has been a little while since I have read a book by this author. I put this author up there with Lisa Jackson. While is a good thing. While I am always in the mood for a romantic suspense novel, this book was just alright for me. The chemistry between Jo and Brody did not do it for me. I felt like the past did hold them back some and then the fact that Jo could forgive Brody so easily for what he did bugged me. I so wanted Jo to be a hard, independent woman. She was not that woman. She needed a guy.

The killer started out weak for me. Having a conscience does not really work if you plan to be a serial killer. That is why serial killers are so scary because they do not care. So by this one having a conscience, it made him not as ominous. Plus, I wanted more suspense. This book was fairly predictable.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Children of Paradise

Trina and her mother, Joyce left to make a new life in the jungles of Guyana. Trina's motehr followed the "Preacher". Now they are among others who also have followed in the way of the "preacher".

One day an incident happens to changes Trina and her mother's lives forever. Trina is attacked by the community's gorilla named Adam. She was originally thought dead until she was brought back to life. Things don't get better for Trina. In fact all the extra attention makes Trina nervous. Then there is her mother, Joyce. She turned the "Preacher"s advances down and her life is awful. Trina and Joyce will escape with the one person they never expected help from...Adam.

If you are looking for a change from the normal world of vampires, zombies, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures then you need to check this book out. There is nothing scarier then a cult. As far as I am aware I have not met a vampire or werewolf but I know cults exist and therefore they are filled with mystery, evil, deceit, and tons of people put their faith in one person. Kind of like what our government could become. A Nazi communist government where we will all follow one person and be told how to act and what to do. I don't know about you but the thought of this is really scary.

The "Preacher" is not a in your face type of guy but everything he does, he does with a purpose. He is a monster. For me the one that really was the star of this book is Adam. He felt real, almost like a person with a thinking brain then just a gorilla. The pacing for this book is not a lot of action like I normally enjoy but what it lacked there it did make up for in the characters and the story.

TORN Release Day Launch + Giveaway

Monica Murphy's sexy new Billionaire Bachelors Club Series book, TORN, is out today and we are excited to join in the release day launch for it. TORN is a steamy and amazing Contemporary Romance. Check out what we have for you today and then enter to win in the release day launch giveaway! There's also a fantastic excerpt for you to check out!


"Tell me your name." 

A shiver runs down my spine at the

commanding, deep voice that sounds in my ear. I keep myself still, trying my

best not to react considering we’re surrounded by at least a hundred people,

but oh, how I want to.

If I could, I’d throw myself into the arms

of the man who’s standing far too close to me.

He’s demanding to know my name as if I owe him some sort of favor, which

I can’t help but find hot.

Irritating, but hot.

"Tell me yours first," I murmur in return,

turning my head in the opposite direction, so it appears I’m not even talking

to him. He stands behind me, tall and broad, imposing in his immaculate black

suit and crisp white shirt—the silvery tie he wears perfectly knotted at his


I might not be looking at this very

moment, but I’d memorized everything about him the moment I first saw him not

an hour ago. He’d drawn plenty of attention without saying a word, striding

into the room as if he owned it, casting that calculating gaze upon everyone in

attendance. Looking very much like the mighty king observing his lowly

subjects—until his eyes lit upon me.

He watched me for long, agonizing minutes.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I felt his hungry eyes rake over my

body, and for a terrifying moment I wondered if he could see right through me.

I shifted the slightest bit, inwardly cursing myself for coming tonight, but I

held firm. I refused to react.

I still refuse to react.

"You don’t know who I am?" He sounds

amused at the notion, and I’m tempted to walk away without a word. My earlier

nerves evaporate, replaced by a steely spine and an even steelier attitude.

He’s so confident, so arrogant, I’m sure he believes he has me.

He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with

then, does he?

We’re at a local wine- and

brewery-tasting, and I’m here representing the bakery my family owns. The one I

was recently allowed to take over and run since I’d graduated college. The

business they all believe is going to fail. So

why not give it to Marina? She can’t screw it up too badly.

That’s what I overheard my father telling

my uncle. The memory of his words still cuts straight to the bone.

Finally I chance a glance at the man

behind me, drinking in his thick brown hair tinged with gold, the way it

tumbles across his forehead, his twinkling green eyes, the faint smile that

curves his full lips. The combination gives him a boyish appearance. It’s a

complete illusion because there is nothing boyish about this virile man before


"Perhaps you can enlighten me." I offer a

carefree smile and turn to face him, the nerves returning tenfold when he takes

a step toward me, invading my personal space. His scent hits me first: clean

and subtle, a mixture of soap and just . . . him. No

cologne that I can detect.

Rather unusual. Most of the men I know

slather themselves in expensive scents all with the purpose of drawing us silly

women in. Instead, they end up choking us.

With the exception of this man. I find the

uniqueness refreshing.

A slow smile appears, revealing perfectly

straight white teeth. "Gage Emerson." He thrusts his hand toward me. "And you are . . .?"

He’s not very subtle. And he’s exactly who

I suspected, not that I had any real doubt. The very man who recently bought up

what feels like half of the Napa Valley, all in the hopes of turning it around

and selling it to God knows who just to earn a hefty profit.

Not caring in the least that he’s forever

changing the landscape of the very place I’ve grown up in. And devastating my

family in the process.

"Marina Knight," I say. God, I sound

breathless, and I want to smack myself. I’m not here tonight because of him. I

came for other reasons. To promote the family bakery, to mix and mingle with

local business owners, many I consider friends. My life in the Napa Valley is

all I know.

And this gorgeous man standing in front of

me is trying to take what I know away from me for good.

*Amazon*     *Barnes and Noble*

ABOUT TORN (Book 2 in the Billionaire Bachelors Club Series):

New York Times bestselling

author Monica Murphy mixes business with pleasure in the second book of her

sexy Billionaire Bachelors Club series …

Marina Knight came to this party for one thing only: to slap Gage

Emerson in the face. Poised to snatch up her family's real estate empire, the

sexy tycoon is on the verge of making an enemy for life—even if he can make her

melt with a single kiss …

When Gage discovers that the alluring woman before him is the key to

his latest acquisition, claiming her as his suddenly doesn't seem quite so

cut-and-dried. To get what he wants, he must get to know the fierce woman

willing to face him down—as she steadily steals his heart.






Gage's persistence and intense passion war with Marina's determination

to protect her family. As they delve deeper into an affair they didn't see

coming, Marina's torn: Will she lose her heart to Gage—or everything she holds


About Monica Murphy:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a

native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother

of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon.

She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.






Author Goodreads:  

Amazon author page:

TORN Goodreads:

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lies You Wanted to Hear

Back when Lucy was younger, she had two men falling for her. The bad boy, Griffin, and the good guy, Matthew. If Lucy had only thought with her heart then she would have picked Griffin. If she had picked with her attraction then she would have picked Griffin. Yes, Lucy loved Griffin but Griffin was not one to settle down even for Lucy. So Lucy chose Matthew.

Years later Lucy is divorced. Lucy had two children but they are also gone. Now Lucy is faced with the past and the lies she told to get to where she is now. That means seeing Griffin again.

To be honest I kind of struggled with this book. On the one hand, I found the story interesting but on the other hand, I was not in love with the characters and found the same story to be long winded and moving very slowly.

In the beginning, I was interested in Lucy's story. However as I got to know her, I was turned off by her. She seemed weak and uninteresting. Also, in the beginning I could not see why Lucy saw in Griffin. I found him to be too much of a loner. He treated Lucy like dirt and not someone that he loved. I was rooting for Matthew. He was the nice guy that was finishing last. However he did get the girl. As the story progressed, I still never became that enthralled by the characters but the story the author was trying to tell with Lucy, Matthew, and Griffin is a sad one. There really are no winners in this book. All the lies they told each other kept them from having real happiness. This book does show you that lying leads to no good outcome.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Worthy Brown's Daughter is a must read and must keeper!

Worthy Brown is a humble man. He works hard for what he wants. For example he was a slave but now he is finally a free man. Not without a lot of hard work and pain. If there was any other way Mr. Brown would take it but there is not. Thus he takes himself down to Matthew Penny's office. Mr. Penny is an attorney.

Mr. Brown's former employer made a deal with Mr. Brown that if he and his daughter worked for him for another year then he would release them both. As you can imagine, he broke that deal. Now Mr. Brown will do everything he can to get his daughter back and give her her freedom.

I was first introduced to this author by reading his book, Sleight of Hand. After reading that book I knew I needed to check out this author's other books. When I got the chance to read Mr. Margolin's newest book, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity. Plus, I have always been fascinated by the South and this time period.

Instantly, I was spellbound by this book and the story of Mr. Brown and his daughter. This book was so great that as soon as I finished the last word, I ran to by co-worker and raved about this book. I told her she needed to write down this author's name and this book and check it out when it became available. In fact this book was so good that I even compared it to another one of my all time favorite classic books that I read...To Kill a Mockingbird. Yes, I did just make this reference. Worthy Brown's Daughter is a must read and must keeper!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hardpressed (Hacker #2) Cover Reveal

Synopsis ~
In Hardpressed, the highly anticipated second book of the Hacker Series that began with Hardwired, Blake and Erica face threats that put both their love and their lives on the line.

Despite Blake Landon’s controlling ways, the young and wealthy hacker finally won the trust of the woman he loves. Internet entrepreneur Erica Hathaway broke down the walls that kept her from opening her heart and her business to Blake.

Ready to start this new chapter in her life, Erica is determined not to let anything come between them, even if that means giving Blake back some of the control he craves in and out of the bedroom.

But when demons from her past threaten their future, Erica makes a decision that could change their lives forever

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My life goal since childhood has been to simply be happy. With that in mind, every day I try to push my dreams forward, learn new lessons and make the most of every day, all with varying degrees of success. At the end of the day I’m a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and a thirty-something woman trying to be happy. So far, so good.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
The main challenge of bringing the book to market was believing that I could write and finish it. Mainly because my life is non-stop hectic and making time for this new project was a daily challenge. Also, writing Hardwired was an incredibly emotional journey for me, full of doubts, questions and personal discovery. One day I’d be on top of the world, on a wicked writing high, and the next I would feel like a crazy person for taking the project so seriously. Of course, my perspective has changed quite a bit since publishing and receiving feedback on the book. My mind is in a much different place going into Hardpressed, and I know the process will go much quicker and smoother!

As a first-time author, how many projects and stories did you discard along the way to HARDWIRED?

Thankfully, I only had one false start, but the process of starting and scrapping the story was immensely helpful. Once I got my bearings, I took a short break, a new story came to me and I ran with it. I plan to circle back to my first story at some point and rework it, because in retrospect it has many promising elements, but right now Blake and Erica have taken over my writing brain.

How did you come up with the title?
Technology is a prominent theme in the book, and when I was tossing ideas around for a title, "hardwired" seemed to capture the intensity of Blake and Erica’s relationship and also speak to the techie theme that brings them together.

How does your writing process look? Consistent with regular amounts of word counts daily/weekly… or more sporadic with a gush of words all at once and then a dry bed for a while?
I typically won’t write anything, or I’ll bang out 8,000 words in a day. I have a hard time getting into my mode but once I get going, I take advantage of that momentum and can become pretty prolific. For Hardpressed I’m setting daily writing goals and aggressive deadlines for myself, so I’m hoping to become a little more disciplined and a little less extreme with my writing jags.

If you could describe the HARDWIRED series in 3 words what would they be?
Asking a writer to describe anything in three words is cruel and unusual, but I’ll try. High-tech. Provocative. Temperamental.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
Hardwired is absolutely a work of fiction, but the story is heavily inspired by personal experiences. Being able to weave together real life experiences with a story that has taken on a life of its own is possibly my favorite thing about writing.

Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to walk away with? If so, what is it?
First and foremost, I want my readers to enjoy a sexy yarn and let the characters get under their skin for the pure fun of it. Secondly, I’d like them to walk away appreciating Erica as a strong and sexually aware character. At the core, I wanted to create story about a professionally successful heroine who isn’t afraid to explore a different brand of power play in the bedroom, and I hope that her successes and struggles, with Blake and otherwise, resonate with the readers.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
I can’t say that a single book shaped me, having read and appreciated so many great works. As a writer, however, one book that I love coming back to is Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write. Her thoughts on creative writing are poignant, timeless, and successfully pull me out of any kind of writing funk I might find myself in. I’d highly recommend it for any writer, whether aspiring or experienced. There’s wisdom for everyone in those pages.

Why did you choose Boston, as the setting for you book?  
I grew up in the Midwest and since then I’ve lived all over the country and even had a stint overseas. I’ve fallen in love with so many places, but, like Erica, no place has ever felt like home the way Boston has. I really wanted to bring a sense of place, the theme of home and some uniquely Boston elements into the story, so it seemed a natural choice for the main setting.

You've been given the task to host a last minute dinner party.  Which authors are on your ultimate dinner invitation list? Alive or Dead.
Oh, I love parties! On the guest list would be Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and David Sedaris. I’d consider inviting Shakespeare and Chaucer too, but after a couple glasses of wine, I’d probably struggle with the language barrier.

Can you give us a little tidbit for the upcoming sequel HARDPRESSED.
Hardpressed will be a continuation of Blake and Erica’s journey through the early growth of her business as they continue to negotiate and disregard personal and professional boundaries. We haven’t seen the last of Mark or Daniel by any means, and their role in Erica’s life becomes pivotal in this book. Lastly, Alli and Heath have a lot of issues to work through if they want to achieve their own happy ending. Many, many good things to come!

Beach or Mountain
Beach, with a cabana boy and a cocktail, please!

Book or movie?
Geez, that’s like asking me to choose a favorite child. Hrmmm. Totally depends on my mood. Movies when my brain is too tired to read, I suppose, but most of the time I have a better emotional journey with a book.

Can you roll your tongue or tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue?
I can roll my tongue. Purrr. I can also do the Spock Vulcan salute. Live long and prosper! \\//

Chicken or Fish?
That’s tough. Probably chicken.

Chocolate or vanilla
Chocolate! I don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate. Seems to go against nature.

Cowboy hat or cowboy boots?
Cowboy hat. I haven’t been able to find the perfect pair of cowboy boots yet.

Craziest thing in your fridge right now?
A Bud Light Straw-ber-ita that we can’t seem to pawn off on any of our guests.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love is a pretty intense emotion to feel in a matter of seconds. I do however believe in feeling an instant and unexplainable connection with someone that, if we’re lucky, can grow into a deep and profound love.

Do you have any birthmarks?  If so, where?
I have a little strawberry on my leg. Oddly, each of my children does too. That’s how I know they’re mine.

Dogs or cats
Dogs, preferably really tiny ones that think they’re ten feet tall and sleep on your lap while you work. Extra points if they’re a teacup Chihuahua.

Title:  Hardpressed (Hacker #2)

Author: Meredith Wild

Genre:  Erotic Romance 18+

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


In Hardpressed, the highly anticipated second book of the Hacker Series that began with Hardwired, Blake and Erica face threats that put both their love and their lives on the line.

Despite Blake Landon’s controlling ways, the young and wealthy hacker finally won the trust of the woman he loves. Internet entrepreneur Erica Hathaway broke down the walls that kept her from opening her heart and her business to Blake.

Ready to start this new chapter in her life, Erica is determined not to let anything come between them, even if that means giving Blake back some of the control he craves in and out of the bedroom.

But when demons from her past threaten their future, Erica makes a decision that could change their lives forever.

Add to Goodreads:

About the Author

Meredith Wild picked up her first romance novel at the tender age of twelve, and shortly after put pen to word processor and made her first attempt at writing a love story inspired by those she so enjoyed reading well past her bedtime.

Her dream of writing took a back seat to college, parenthood and eventually entrepreneurship, which led her into the fast-paced and male-dominated high tech industry. With enough life experience for a few lifetimes, she now devotes her hours to writing contemporary adult romance, with a hint of kink.

Her debut novel Hardwired tells the story of billionaire bad boy, Blake Landon, and the object of his obsession, strong-willed tech startup CEO, Erica Hathaway.

When she isn’t writing or mothering, Meredith can be found sunbathing with an adult beverage.

Connect with the Author: HYPERLINK "" Blog | HYPERLINK "" Facebook | HYPERLINK "" Goodreads | HYPERLINK "" Instagram | HYPERLINK "" Twitter | HYPERLINK Pinterest