Lies You Wanted to Hear

Back when Lucy was younger, she had two men falling for her. The bad boy, Griffin, and the good guy, Matthew. If Lucy had only thought with her heart then she would have picked Griffin. If she had picked with her attraction then she would have picked Griffin. Yes, Lucy loved Griffin but Griffin was not one to settle down even for Lucy. So Lucy chose Matthew.

Years later Lucy is divorced. Lucy had two children but they are also gone. Now Lucy is faced with the past and the lies she told to get to where she is now. That means seeing Griffin again.

To be honest I kind of struggled with this book. On the one hand, I found the story interesting but on the other hand, I was not in love with the characters and found the same story to be long winded and moving very slowly.

In the beginning, I was interested in Lucy's story. However as I got to know her, I was turned off by her. She seemed weak and uninteresting. Also, in the beginning I could not see why Lucy saw in Griffin. I found him to be too much of a loner. He treated Lucy like dirt and not someone that he loved. I was rooting for Matthew. He was the nice guy that was finishing last. However he did get the girl. As the story progressed, I still never became that enthralled by the characters but the story the author was trying to tell with Lucy, Matthew, and Griffin is a sad one. There really are no winners in this book. All the lies they told each other kept them from having real happiness. This book does show you that lying leads to no good outcome.


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