Worthy Brown's Daughter is a must read and must keeper!

Worthy Brown is a humble man. He works hard for what he wants. For example he was a slave but now he is finally a free man. Not without a lot of hard work and pain. If there was any other way Mr. Brown would take it but there is not. Thus he takes himself down to Matthew Penny's office. Mr. Penny is an attorney.

Mr. Brown's former employer made a deal with Mr. Brown that if he and his daughter worked for him for another year then he would release them both. As you can imagine, he broke that deal. Now Mr. Brown will do everything he can to get his daughter back and give her her freedom.

I was first introduced to this author by reading his book, Sleight of Hand. After reading that book I knew I needed to check out this author's other books. When I got the chance to read Mr. Margolin's newest book, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity. Plus, I have always been fascinated by the South and this time period.

Instantly, I was spellbound by this book and the story of Mr. Brown and his daughter. This book was so great that as soon as I finished the last word, I ran to by co-worker and raved about this book. I told her she needed to write down this author's name and this book and check it out when it became available. In fact this book was so good that I even compared it to another one of my all time favorite classic books that I read...To Kill a Mockingbird. Yes, I did just make this reference. Worthy Brown's Daughter is a must read and must keeper!


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