The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 3

If you have not heard or read these books then now is the perfect time. Each book is filled with many different and original short stories. Hey, you might even see some from your friends. Yes, this collection of stories are compiled from actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt's website, Hitrecord. There people (ordinary people like you and me) can go and share stories or videos, etc. Well what are you doing still here reading, go check out the website.

Since you did decide to stay, I want to thank you for staying to read my thoughts about this book. Reading these stories inspires me to write up a few of my own and upload them on the website so that maybe one day I will see my story in print. The stories are not all cute and cuddly. Some are dark but each one tells a story or makes a statement.

Like for example:

This overwhelming desire to be close to you
directly conflicts with my intense fear of people.

From my ship, adrift, I spied you.
And I thought you were an island.
Alas, you were an iceberg,


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