Promise Me Texas is a winner!

Beth is on her way to meet up with her soon to by husband. She decides to surprise him. She books a seat on the train. She learns things about her soon to by husband that she is glad she found out before she made it official. Like he is a jerk, who wants a trophy wife and is marrying because it is good for his image and not for love. Before Beth can confront her fiance, the train gets highjacked.

Andrew awakes to find himself in the arms in a beautiful woman. She claims that they are married. How long will Andrew go along with the "fake" marriage?

So the best part about reading a Jodi Thomas book is meeting all of her characters. They are not just characters in a book but they are like family. This was no exception with this book. Beth and Andrew made a cute couple. There were no real surprises how this story would end but it was fun reading and seeing when Beth and Andrew would figure it out themselves. It was long that long after Beth and Andrew said "I Do" that they were starting up a fire with their kisses. However Andrew was a gentleman. Beth was strong willed which is a quality that I enjoyed about her. All the secondary characters were just a great. They are people that I would want to hang out with. Promise Me Texas is a winner!

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