Death Overdue

Karen and her boyfriend, Caldwell are in the stages of looking to sell the B&B that Caldwell and his ex opened together and start their own bookshop. Before they can take two steps forward, Caldwell's ex appears back into their lives. She wants the B&B.

Before Caldwell can process the reappearance of his ex, she is found murdered by a book case. Caldwell becomes the prime suspect. It will be up to Karen to clear his name, if they want their happy ever after.

I have not read the first book in this series. However this book can be read as a stand alone novel. The only thing that you would miss from the first book I would say is just the relationship structure of Karen and Caldwell. Which to be honest, I was not really feeling Karen and Caldwell's relationship. Maybe it works for them to not admit they are a couple when it is obvious to others that they are and be so casual about it. However for me, I was wanting to see some of that tenderness between the two.

It seemed that the only one smart enough to solve the case was Karen. Everyone else was just there. Kind of like the board game Clue. You needed a bunch of suspects but none of them were really the main characters. I did think that this book is a nice cozy, mystery read.

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