No Escape

Serial killer, Harvey Day Smith is a notorious killer. Even with his last few days until his execution, he is pulling all the strings. He knows the location of a few of his victims graves. HE is willing to share his secrets but he will only talk to one person. Her name is Jolene Granger. She is a psychologist.

Texas Ranger, Brody Winchester is wiling to do anything to help the families of Harvey's victims. That even means working with his ex-wife, Jo.

It has been a little while since I have read a book by this author. I put this author up there with Lisa Jackson. While is a good thing. While I am always in the mood for a romantic suspense novel, this book was just alright for me. The chemistry between Jo and Brody did not do it for me. I felt like the past did hold them back some and then the fact that Jo could forgive Brody so easily for what he did bugged me. I so wanted Jo to be a hard, independent woman. She was not that woman. She needed a guy.

The killer started out weak for me. Having a conscience does not really work if you plan to be a serial killer. That is why serial killers are so scary because they do not care. So by this one having a conscience, it made him not as ominous. Plus, I wanted more suspense. This book was fairly predictable.


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