The Santa Claus League

Mason has a crush on Julia. Thus when Julia asks Mason for a favor, he does not think twice. Well now he is having second thoughts but it is already too late. Mason agreed to dress up and play Santa at Julia's party. Mason's grandfather owns a red suit that looks like the real deal. Once Mason put on the suit something magical happened. Mason turned into Santa. Yes, the real Santa.

This is a fun, cherry, holiday book that everyone will enjoy reading. I even started to get misty eyed in the beginning. After Mason put on the big red suit and all the little children were sitting on his lap. It brought out the holiday spirit in me. It made me even start to think of Christmas early. I wish I was a member of The Santa Claus League. What a fun league.

The adventure that Mason and his friends found themselves in was entertaining as well. The romance between Mason and Julia was mild if almost non-existent. So you don't have to worry if the younger children are wanting to read this book. Again it would make a perfect gift this Christmas.

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