Sex in the Title

Evan has just been fired from his job. As if Evan is already at a low point, he receives a break up from his girlfriend by email. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for himself, Evan decides to get back on the horse and try again to find a woman he can spend his time with. It will be a very bumpy road as Evan will soon find out.

Ok I was approached by the author to have a chance to review his book. It is titled... Sex in the Title! Which is the first thing that peaked my interest. The second was the summary about the book. A comedy about sex, ok I am in. Fair warning...there is language, so if you are offended easily you may not want to check this book out.

Yes, I already am writing my review as I read this book. I barely started the book, in fact I have not gotten to the first page as I am too busy reading about how Mr. Love came up with the idea of his novel. Loved his description about what genre this book would fall into. As Mr. Love states his book is a literary romantic comedy.

I have to be honest. I had mixed feelings about Evan. On one hand I thought he was a pig. All he saw when he saw women was their breast, what number they scored on his hottie list and if he could take them home to get some action. However as the story progressed, I felt sorry for Evan. He really got schooled by all the women he met and he had zero game. The many dates that Evan went on were funny. Not laugh out loud continuously funny but still funny. My only two complaints I had about this book were that reading this book did feel a little clinical which in turn made the book seem long at times. Otherwise a good book that goes to show you that sex can be funny (in a good way).

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