The Princess in the Opal Mask is a gem of a read!

Willa has known nothing of the world outside of the castle walls. It is not as easy or as glamorous as you would think it would be for a princess. Willa has no friends, she can no go anywhere alone, and the worse part is that she keeps her face hidden behind a mask. Willa does not know the reason for the mask only that ever since she was born, she has been hidden away from everyone by a mask.

Elana is the complete opposite of Willa. She is an orphan. She does not know where she came from and Elana is not her real name. The one thing that Elana desires is to know here real name and claim it.

A chance meeting and an assassination attempt gives the two girls a chance to switch roles and see how the other one lives.

I read this book was ease and savored every moment. Evertime I went to put this book down, I found myself gravating right back to it. There is not a lot of action in the sense that you are expecting from the assassination attempt as that does not happen until later in the book but I found the stories of Willa and Elara intriguing. My favorite of the two is Elara. She was stronger however by the end of the book Willa was finding her own voice and making a loud roar. I can not wait to read book two and see what happens next to Willa.

This book is like The Man in the Iron Mask. It is also kind of like The Prince and the Pauper. If you are looking for a new author to read than now is the time to check out Jenny Lundquist. This book would make a good movie or television series. The Princess in the Opal Mask is a gem of a read!


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