Watch out for the Hazard!

Hazard, Kentucky is a small town. The biggest revenue for this town is the mine. Amos Blevin and several other men were working down in the mines when a cave in happened. Amos rescued his fellow co-workers. Inspector Will Murphy has been sent to investigate the cave in. It seems to be an accident but then why does it seem that the local authorities are hiding something including Will’s brother? Will investigation will lead him to a place where the truth just may hurt him. There is no turning back.

Hazard is the first book I have read by this author. I thought this book did turn out pretty well. I say this only because as much as I really wanted to love this book, I had some difficulties trying to figure out what was happening at times throughout this book. The miners would be inside the mine and then outside going about their business. Just when I thought I had things straighten out, the story would switched from past to present and I would get lost again. If the transaction between the shifting of past to present had been smoother for me then I know I would have be able to just sit back and really enjoy this book. Overall, I did like this book and the characters. I look forward to Mr. Harris’s next piece of work.


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