Scandal On Rincon Hill

Sarah Woolson awakens to the pebbles hitting her bedroom window. It is Samuel, a good friend of Sarah’s brother, George Lewis. George is a crime reporter. He goes but the alias of Ian Fearless. This is because their father is the Honorable Horace T. Woolson. The judge despises reporters.

There has been a body found, a few blocks away from their home. Sarah gets involved in the murder investigation. Someone is trying to cover up the murder. Sarah’s nose leads her to a brothel. Things are really heating up. Sarah better be careful or she could end up next in the morgue.

Scandal on Rincon Hill is the fourth Sarah Woolson novel. These books can be read as stand alone novels. I have wanted to check these books out since I first heard about this series but just haven’t gotten around to trying a book out until now. I was expecting a little more of a hook, which didn’t happen for me. It started off good and slowed a bit in the middle and ended alright. Though, I did still like this book. Sarah has guts and usually does things before she fully thinks them though. Somehow things always work out in the end. This book kind of took me back to the Sherlock Holmes vibe with Shirley Tallman’s writing style.


bookaholic said…
Sounds like an intriguing one!

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