He is "The Tourist"

Milo Weaver used to work for the CIA as a “tourist”. Unfortunately, once a tourist…always a tourist. Milo quickly gets sucked back into the high adrenaline world of espionage, intrigue, and foreign enemies. Milo receives a call that his expertise is required. A suitcase containing three million dollars has disappeared. So why does Milo care? A blast from Milo’s past is somehow tied to this case. The temptation is too strong for Milo to resist. Grab your passport as The Tourist will have you racing all over the country.

The Tourist kind of reminded me of Jason Bourne meets Mission Impossible. It had the action, suspense and a character whom the bad guys should be scared of. Though, I do have to admit that there were a few times in the middle where Milo wasn’t featured that I found it a little dry and wish the story line would hurry. Other than Milo, I didn’t connect with any of the other characters. The word tourist will now have another meaning to it for me. Overall, I did like where this book took me. I would check out another book by Olen Steinhauer.


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