Liz Claiborne... the Legend, the Woman

Anyone and everyone in the fashion industry is familiar with Liz Claiborne fashion. Though are you familiar with the woman who created this successful fashion empire? Unless you were one of the few lucky ones who got to work with Liz then you don’t really know who Liz is and was.

Liz Claiborne grew up always knowing exactly what she wanted to be…a fashion designer. She had a great fashion sense. In 1976, Liz started Liz Claiborne Inc. Sadly on June 26, 2007, Liz passed way from cancer. Even up to the very end, Liz was still smiling and a fighter.

In Liz Claiborne, the Legend, the Woman, author, business partner and Liz’s husband, Art Ortenberg shares with readers just who Liz really was…a nice person, wife and entrepreneur with great smile and warm heart.

This book truly was a celebration of a Liz Claiborne. She was loved by many people The pictures inserted through out this book were a nice bonus. If you are looking to read this book expecting a memoir of Liz Claiborne and how she started out in the business and maybe learn a couple of interesting facts, then this may not be the book for you. Though, if you are wanting to treasure a moment or two about Liz the woman, then you should check this book out. This would make a good collector’s item or make a nice gift to that fashionable person in your life.


misskallie2000 said…
I was always fascinated by Liz Claiborne. Guess I will add this to my long, long, to buy list.
Thanks for the great review.

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