Ben Sinclair receives a letter that turns his world upside down. The letter is postmarked from Medicine Gore. It is unsigned. The contents of the letter inform Ben that he is the father of a fifteen year old boy named, Michael. Ben hires an investigator and discovers that the letter is true. He is a father. Ben fell in love with a girl named Kelly, who is Michael’s mother. Kelly disappeared ten years ago, leaving Michael to be raised by his Aunt Emma.

Ben returns to Medicine Gore but not under good circumstances. Emma remembers Ben and has her guard up about him. Ben may be Michael’s father but Emma is the one that raised Michael and she won’t let him go without a fight.

Tempt Me If You Can did tempt me some. It is also book two of the Sinclair brothers’ novels. I thought the chemistry shared between Ben and Emma was nice but I was wanting more passion between them. I did like how Ben and Michael bonded quickly. Ben really stepped up as a father figure for Michael. There was a good storyline that took place in this book besides just the romance with Emma and Ben. I don’t want to give anything away but the ending had a nice twist to it.


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