Down to the Wire

Chris Turley works as a reporter for the Bergen News. Chris is a good reporter but he will never be like his father…the legendary Edward Turley. Chris dreams of one day winning a Pulitzer for his work. He just may get the Pulitzer sooner then he thought. Chris receives a phone call from a tipster. The caller tells Chris that he has some information regarding corruption involving a high level government official. Chris agrees to meet the caller at the park. Chris arrives only to the building next door to him blow up. Chris becomes a hero and saves five lives. Chris’s career quickly picks up. Chris soon realizes that he is just a pawn in a sick psycho’s game and it is up to Chris to stop him, before the price gets too high.

I have been eyeing Mr. Rosenfelt’s books for a while now but haven’t tried one until now. Let me start off by saying…WOW! Down to the Wire is a thrill ride every page from beginning until the end. I couldn’t read this book fast enough. I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time. Chris had a lot of character and depth. He was fully-rounded versus being one-dimensional. There were enough twists and turns to make a suspense/thriller fan like me pleased. I am fully invested in reading more books by David Rosenfelt.


misskallie2000 said…
This sounds like a terrific book. Thanks for introducing me to this author..
I like the sound of this one. I love to read thrillers and mysteries but I sometimes find it difficult to find them with characters who are well fleshed out. Nice to be able to add to my list.
bookaholic said…
Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the lovely review :)

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