He is Bad Blake and he has a Crazy Heart

Bad Blake used to be really popular country-western song writer and guitar picker in his younger years. It has been over five years since Bad Blake put out an album. Now, he still has some fans but mostly he can be seen playing in bowling alleys and cheap motels. Bad Blake is worn out, depressed, and about ready to hang up his hat forever.

Jean Craddock, a reporter from The Sun Scene approaches Bad Blake. She wants to get to know the man behind the name and legend of Bad Blake. Jean and Bad Blake form both a friendship and relationship. Will Bad Blake live up to his name or will he open his heart and let Jean in?

Crazy Heart is the first time I have tried author Thomas Cobb. Crazy Heart is just like a country-western song. It is filled with heart ache, characters you can relate to, long days and even harder nights, and a good story line…combine this all together…you get a engaging and enjoyable novel. I like that in this story, Bad Blake wasn’t just portrayed as a washed out singer but someone who was also human and did have flaws but left you cheering for him. If this book wasn’t already made into a movie, I would have suggested that it needed to be.


Stormi said…
I didn't even know they had a book out..LOL

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