Magnolia Wednesdays

Vivien Armstrong Gray was covering one of the biggest stories when things went terribly wrong and Vivien ended up getting shot in the butt. After this incident, Vivien has become the butt of everyone’s jokes. Vivien needs a break, so she heads down to stay with her sister, Melanie and her two children, Sheila and Trip.

Vivien soon realizes things aren’t always as they seem in the suburbs. Vivien comes up with the idea to write a news column about the burbs. She calls it Postcards from Suburbia. She writes under a pen name of Scarlett Leigh. Things don’t quite add up in the death of Melanie’s husband, J.J. Vivien decides to do some investigating into his death. How long will Vivien be able to survive in the suburbs?

Magnolia Wednesdays is the first book I have read by author, Wendy Wax. I have wanted to check out her books but just haven’t until now. Vivien has so much life and character to her. The funniest moments were when she was driving. Anyone and everyone had better stay in their homes when Vivien is on the roads. I felt sorry for the poor cop who kept having run ins with Vivien. Though, he got back at her when he made her walk to the gas station in her bath robe. Magnolia Wednesdays does not have to be read on a Wednesday, it can be enjoyed any day or time of the week. Don’t take my word for it, pick up a copy today and see for yourself.


Darlene said…
Glad you enjoyed it Cheryl. I hope to pick it up in the next few weeks.

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