Megan Chase and her demon boyfriend, Greyson Dante are heading off to a retreat for a bunch of demon leaders. It is going to be on crazy time. All of Megan’s demon friends want Megan to complete the ritual and release her demon inside and join them on the immortal side.

Megan and Greyson arrive at the resort. You can guarantee that there is never a dull moment when Megan is involved. A crazy lunatic is out to kill Megan. As if a crazy psycho is going to scare Megan when he hangs out with demons all day.

Demon Possessed is the third Megan Chase novel. I did not read the prior two novels. This is a time where I am wondering if it would have made a difference in my enjoying this book more. I say this not because I felt you had to read these books in order but because I wasn’t fully invested in the characters from the beginning, so it took me a while to warm up to them and by then the book was half over. Having said all this, I thought this book had some high points. The ending was a bit of a twist. I liked Megan. She seemed to be the only sane person in this book, which I found funny as she is both a psychologist and psychic. I do plan to go back and check out Personal Demons and Demon Inside.


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