Succubi Like It Hot

Newly made succubus, Jackie Brighton is back. Life as a succubus is not as easy as it seems. Oh the way guys are now interested in Jackie is nice as well as getting the promotion at work but dealing with boyfriend issues and being cursed…sucks.

Jackie is trying to deal with both Noah, who is a fallen angel and Zane, a vampire. The male testosorone levels between these two are in full force. Jackie somehow becomes cursed. She put the pizza guy into a coma. Remy, Jackie’s good friend and fellow succubus suggests that Jackie and her take a road trip to New Orleans to visit the oldest living succubus t help Jackie. In the meantime, Jackie is also dealing with her itch for sex and with neither of Noah or Zane talking to Jackie; it is going to be a long road trip.

Just like the last book, Succubi Like It Hot brings the fire, humor, and pure enjoyment! Jackie is so hilarious. When you throw Remy into the mix, she and Remy are like Thelma and Louise. It is easy to see why Jackie can’t choose between Noah and Zane. They are both tall, sexy guys. Noah is the good guy and Zane is the bad boy.

If you haven’t tried these books out yet then now is the perfect time. Pick up a copy of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi; book one in the Succubus Diaries series today. Jill Myles has been added to my favorite author list. I only had one issue with this book…that is I finished it. Now I have a long wait till the next book in this series, My Fair Succubi is released.


I loved, loved loved the first one.!!! I still havent' read this one yet. So glad to hear it's just as good as the other. I hope she writes many more!

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