The Right Call

Everyone has adjusted to the recent uproar in their lives, when Vanessa announced she was pregnant by one of her college professors. Vanessa’s son, Carter is growing up fast.

Before Ethan Langley went back to college; He and Vanessa were starting up a romantic relationship. Now that Ethan is back in town, Vanessa can’t wait to see Ethan again. Before things can really get heated up, Ethan’s Cousin, Drew’s room mate is killed in a drive by shooting. There is something about the shooting that doesn’t seem right to Ethan. The more Ethan digs the deeper things get. He uncovers something that could tear two families apart. Ethan must make a difficult choice.

The Right Call is the third and final novel in the Sophie Trace Trilogy. It can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel. This story line doesn’t intertwine with the prior events in the last novel. I like that Ethan had a stronger part in this book. He seemed like a nice guy in the last book from the brief appearance that he made. This story had just the right amount of romance mixed with intrigue to make it The Right Call about reading it. I have grown to like the Jessup family. I will be sorry to see them go. I will be keeping an eye on author, Kathy Herman and what she comes out with next.


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