The Vampire and the Virgin

Move over Bella and Edward as there is a new couple in town and here names are Olivia Sotiris and Robby MacKay.

Olivia is a FBI psychologist. She had traveled to the Greek island of Patmos for some R&R and to visit her grand mother. Olivia’s grand mother is hoping to fix Olivia up with one of the nice men on the island. Olivia isn’t interested in any of the men.

Robby has been instructed to take some time off after his last mission. From the first moment Robby lays eyes on Olivia, he feels something that he hasn’t felt in a long time. Robby wants Olivia for himself. Will there be a happy ending in Robby and Olivia’s future when she learns that Robby is a vampire?

The Vampire and the Virgin is book eight in the Love Stake series. This is only been the second book that I have read in this series but I have enjoyed both books. Having said this, you can read these books as stand alone novels. Olivia and Robby were the perfect couple. Robby maybe cold blooded but he is one hot vampire.

If you enjoy vampires, romance and humor then you will really enjoy this series. There are books where you hear all this hype and wonder if they really can live up it the hype, well I can tell you that The Vampire and the Virgin does. It is a blood sucking good time. Kerrelyn Sparks is on fire.

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