The Lumby Lines

Married couple, Mark and Pam Walker is on their vacation, when they stumble upon the small town of Lumby. It is in Lumby that the Walkers discover their dream come true. There was an abbey, Montis Abbey that burned down a long time ago. The abbey is nestled on a bunch of land that overlooks an orchard. The Walkers purchase the abbey. They decide to turn it into a bed and breakfast. They people of Lumby are excited to have new life in the old abbey. Well most people are excited. William Beezer, owner of The Lumby Lines newspaper is anything but thrilled. In fact he is trying his best to run the Walkers out of town.

I loved every moment of this book from the beginning, middle and end. I liked this book so much that I was sad when it did end. My favorite parts of this book were reading the Sheriff’s Complaints section in The Lumby Lines newspaper. Who knew that the small town of Lumby could get so crazy? No wonder Sheriff Dixon is always busy with complaints like: 11:22pm Pickup vs. Deer. Pickup wins, or 5:11 pm Brian Beezer and Terry McGuire arrested for shooting trout in Goose Creek or 1:14 pm A caller reported someone had stolen his daughter’s lawn mower and left an older one as a replacement. All these complaints of course are very serious and valid.

All the residents of Lumby are great. They are like one big family. As I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but compare Gail Fraser to another one of my favorite authors Robyn Carr. Gail is right up there with Robyn. Gail Fraser has a whole line of these types of books that focus on the town of Lumby. I plan to check them all out


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