The new wave of the book industry?

I saw this brief article in the Shelf Awareness newsletter and thought this was funny and would share.

A glimpse of the future? Ion Audio's "venture into the book-digitizing business," the $149 Book Saver, "promises one-second color scans of both pages of a book" and is scheduled to be available in June "at places like Barnes & Noble, Staples, and Office Depot," according to Engadget, which cautioned that the "big problem here is that there's no automation for page turning, and worse yet, you'll need to lift the entire, somewhat fragile, scanner in order to flip to the next page."

Cnet News observed that "publishing has wrestled with piracy for years, but one of the reasons the sector hasn't been hit as hard by illegal file sharing as much as the music or film industries is that there isn't an easy way to digitize books. Scanning them is typically labor intensive.... Book publishers should know that eventually someone or some company, maybe even Ion, will streamline the process."


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