Meet the Radleys

Meet the Radleys. They are your next door neighbors, your friends, etc. In addition to being all of these things; did I forget to mention…The Radleys are vampires! Yep, the Radleys are vampires but you would not really suspect anything. You would however find this family odd. The Radleys are just fine with being considered a bit different. It means that they have accomplished their goal of blending in.

Things are going just fine until, Clara has an incident. Now the Radleys are calling in reinforcements…Uncle Will. Will is an active vampire. This means that he does not hide what he is and drinks from humans. With Will’s arrival comes a huge surprise.

The Radleys is the first novel I have read by author, Matt Haig. This book was easy to get into. I read it almost all the way through. I connected with the Radleys. They made you see where they were coming from and why they did the things they did. The Radleys reminded me of the Adams Family. They are kooky, crazy and peculiar. It did move a little slow at first but this is because the story was being set up. If you stuck with it for just a few chapters than you are golden. This book goes to show you that not all vampire books have to be about tons of gore, sex or fancy effects. Just good characters and an interesting story line makes a good book. The Radleys is a fangtastic good read!


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