Ghost of a Flea

Review by my friend, Nancy
The Ghost of Flea should have been written by Alfred Hitchcock. It seems as though it would have made a splendid movie with all of it's twists and turns of plot. The main character could have been Cary Grant. Roger Davis is a good, loyal workerbee. He is on time, stays late, is married to Natalie who may or may not have slept with half of his office prior to the wedding. Roger has a friend in Gideon whom he sees once a week. Gideon browbeats Roger mercilessly and, one night shows Roger his newest treasure. A painting by Blake entitled The Ghost of a Flea.

The painting is hideous but Gideon is much taken with it. After his show and tell he brings out the pipe and, this time for some reason; Roger smokes with him. And everything about Roger's life changes in that instant. He is lied to by his wife, his co-workers, Gideon and probably even the painting. He loves Natalie but she denies ever telling him she wants children. Then she lies about denying the denial. People are murdered right and left and the only thing they seem to have in common is their knowledge of Roger. Enought to make anyone paranoid!

The only person possibly not lying to Roger is a woman he met at Gideon's home - Peggy Curtis. But she told him her name was something else. He is taken with the idea he needs to find her but when he finds out she lives on Central Park West - and may be sleeping with his boss - that becomes suspect as well. A true tale of confusion, murder and love. But who loves whom and who is murdering the characters? Well worth taking the time to sit down and delve into Roger's mani world.

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