The Naperville White House is a innovate, stimulating, book that is worth every penny!

The year is 2018. Al Queda terrorists are holding hostage a bus load of Americans. In exchange for their release, the terrorists want information on an anti-terrorist bio weapon.

Jay Weise works as an insurance adjustor for NetHealth. Though, Jay has another life. He is the President of the United States. Jay and a bunch of other people from across the world are all part of what is known as The International Organization of Fantasy Governments. Weise is always looking for someone new to add to his cabinet. So when Weise sees a note from a John Sykes, Weise decides to interview him. Sykes studied counterintelligence. Weise hires him as chief of counterintelligence.

Soon Sykes is writing Weise telling him that he has a mole and that there is a plot to kidnap a member of the President’s cabinet. Sykes tells the President that the threats are real and that he will be in contact with him with more information. Weise thinks Sykes is crazy and taking his job too seriously. When Sykes does not stop with his notes, Weise has no other recourse but to fire Sykes. When the things Sykes say come true, Weise must stop the terrorists and protect the United States before it is too late.

Mr. Bartels is such a good writer that he had me convinced that people really were playing out a fantasy government. Though, if such a thing did exist, I am sure that it would become widely popular like fantasy football. At first this book was hard for me to get into. It is because I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that real civilizations pretended to be the president and the white house staff. These people were serious and had every thing down to the exact details. Once I told myself to quit over analyzing. I was able to sit back and enjoy reading this book. Jay Weise played a first-rate President. For someone who never really made an appearance in the book and whom the readers knew very little details about, Sykes really knew how to make a strong presence. The footnotes inserted throughout this book, I found to be intriguing and noteworthy. The Naperville White House is a innovate, stimulating, book that is worth every penny!


Mystica said…
I will not say too far fetched to be true because everything eventually is happening!

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