I Dream of Genies is a dream come true!

Eden has learned the hard way what happens when you piss off the High Master. She has had two thousand years to ponder on it. The only bright spot in this whole situation is that at least Eden has a window view of the world and she has a companion in Obo. One moment Eden was sitting in her bottle minding her business and the next moment she awakes to find her dream has come true.

Matt Ewing is having a bad day. To make matters worse, he bumps into a woman. She lands in his lap. Matt didn’t know what a huge upheaval his life was about to receive when he brought Eden home.

I Dream of Genies is the first book in a brand new series from author, Judi Fennell. I have been waiting to read this new series since; I finished reading the last series. Just like the last series, Mrs. Fennell brings the charm, humor, exciting characters and a fun story line to I Dream of Genie. I found it funny that Eden’s first name was the last name of Barbara Eden, the actor that played the Original Genie in the television show, I Dream of Jeannie. Matt had a charm about him that made him endearing. He is a sweetheart. Watching Eden use her magic to conjure up things was funny. Just her thinking about something could almost guarantee trouble. Heave forbid that Eden thought about a donkey, one would appear. I Dream of Genies is a dream come true!


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