The Search

Lainey O’Toole has a plan that she is ready to put into motion. She has saved every penny to attend the Culinary Institute of America. Things were looking promising for Lainey, until her car broke down. Luckily for Lainey, her car breaks down in front of a bakery called Sweet Tooth. The owner, Mrs. Stroot offers Lainey a job. Lainey accepts as she desperately needs the money and she has no where else to go until her car is fixed. Being back in Stoney Ridge brings back memories. What deep, dark secret is Lainey hiding?

Bess Reihl has come to Rose Hill Farm to help out her grandmother, Bertha. Her grandmother is recovering. When Bess arrives she learns to Bertha lied just to get Bess to come down to the farm. Billy Lapp is a neighbor of Bertha’s and a hired hand. Billy and Bess share a spark. Will this spark between Bess and Billy turn into something?

The Search is book three in the Lancaster County Secrets series. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. To admit, I was not in love with this book. Also, I did not really engage with all most of the characters and their lives. While I did like Lainey and Bess, I just couldn’t get myself to fully like them enough to be fully committed to reading this book. I kind of breezed over sections as I wanted it to move along faster. I did like the tie in between Lainey and Bess’s story. Overall, I thought this book was a nice read.


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