Book of Days

Eight years ago, as Cameron Vaux’s father was dying, he told instructed Cameron to find the book. The book of all days. Cameron didn’t spend much thought on his father’s incoherent words.

Now, eight years later, Cameron is forgetting things. It is like Alzheimer’s. Though Cameron is too young to have Alzheimer’s yet. It is like someone has taken an easer to Cameron’s past. No matter how hard Cameron tries to remember events it is getting harder and harder to remember. Cameron does have a flash back about a loved one named Jessie dying. In his dream, Jessie tells Cameron that she has seen “The Book” and that he must find it. Cameron awakens determined to find “The Book” if it exists. Cameron calls Ann. Ann used to be an investigative reporter. Cameron’s investigation leads him to Three Peaks, Oregon. There Cameron finds he is not welcome. What are the people of Three Peaks hiding?

I read Rooms by Mr. Rubart. It was an intriguing book that really made you think. Mr. Rubart’s newest release, Book of Days is even better. Mr. Rubart wrote that the concept of this book was inspired by his father’s illness. Mr. Rubart pondered where his father’s memories were going that he had lost…were they just disappearing or would God one day restore them? What if there really existed a book written by God that foretold the past, present and future and what if it was on Earth? There are all intriguing questions. I thought that Mr. Rubart did a great job portraying what he believed might be answers to these questions in Book of Days. Cameron is a strong character. He sought the truth no matter what he would learn. This book is not preachy like you would automatically envision Christian books to be. It is also a good mystery novel. Book of Days will remain in your thoughts for a few days.


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