My Fair Succubi is a bewitching, fangtastic, angelic, rip-roaring good time!

Being a succubus is never boring. Just ask…Jackie Brighton. Jackie and Noah are enjoying a nice evening together, when they are interrupted. The Serim council has summons Jackie and Noah to appear before them. Jackie is being charged with immortal behavior. Jackie is in big trouble. The charges against her spell…death. The only way Jackie can escape death is to destroy her friend and fellow succubus, Remy.

It seems that Remy has been possessed by Joachim. Joachim is a powerful archangel. Gabriel wants the halo as it contains the power. If Jackie brings him the halo than she will be spared her life. The one good thing to come out of all this is that Jackie is reunited with her creator, Zane.

My Fair Succubi is book three in The Succubus Diaries. If you have not read this series yet than you have got to check it out and start with Gentlemen Prefer Succubi. Jackie is my favorite succubus. She is sassy, not afraid to speak her mind and looks good in anything she wears. I adore both Noah and Zane. It is easy to see why Jackie fell for both men. Noah is a gentleman whereas; Zane has total sex appeal about him. He is definitely the bad boy of the two men. Though I like both men, I do believe that Jackie made the right choice in who she wants to spend her life with. There were many funny moments to be had in this book. My Fair Succubi is a bewitching, fangtastic, angelic, rip-roaring good time!


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