Tapestry of Love

Review by Nancy (my friend)

Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

Catherine Parkstone's family may feel she is a bit "off" as they say. She gives up her home in England, buys a small cottage in the Cevannes region of France and relocates. Just like that. She is a needlewoman, making cushions, drapes, and designing beautiful tapestries to sell. She moves in to no lights, not heat, a lonely stone house on a hillside and is immediately happier than she has been in years. This is her time.

Neighbors are close-mouthed but friendly. She meets dogs, sheep, pigs and Patrick Castagnol. He is not close-mouthed but expresses himself quite nicely, thank you. he has a collection of wine to rival any restaurant, makes his own as well and can cook like a dream. There might be something there but the arrival of Catherine's younger sister spoils everything. Byrony of the law degree takes what she wants. Until she herself gets taken. But things have been ruined by then and nothing to be done.

Catherine is quiet, very talented and judgemental. She love sher children fiercely, her sister sometimes and her new life is met with open arms. Rosy Thornton has wreitten the most beautiful book telling us of Catherine's life in her new surroundings. Whern she is come upon by a family of wild boars, the reader can see them with our own eyes and wish we were standing beside her. This is not a book of love of man as much as it is love of place and self. We all wish for Catherine's life and more tales from Ms. Thornton.


Mystica said…
I just did a review of this book! I really really enjoyed the book and as you say it is not a love story of a man but a story of love of a way of life and finding peace and contentment.

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