The Iron King

When Meghan Chase was just a little girl, her father disappeared, never to be found again. Megan has this faint memory of her father walking into the pond at the park but Meghan has this ability to see things that aren’t really there or are they?

Meghan is excited to be celebrating her sixteenth birthday. What Meghan is about to soon discover is that turning sixteen is a really big deal. Robbie is Meghan’s best friend. Ever since she was little, Robbie teases her with the nickname he gave her of “Princess”. Meghan had some strange things happen to her at school. When Meghan arrives home, she finds her mother on the kitchen floor lying in a pool of blood with her little brother, Ethan standing in the door way. Robbie tells Meghan that the Ethan has been kidnapped.

Meghan and Robbie travel through a portal in her closet to the land of the faeries. It is there that Meghan learns that she is the daughter of King Oberon of The Seelie Court. Someone is killing off the faeries. The same person who has Ethan.

The Iron King is the first book in this series. I absolutely got excited over this book. Teens and adults alike will enjoy this book. Move over vampires and werewolves as the faeries are hear to stay. Thanks to author, Julie Kagawa. Meghan is fearless. I like that even though she comes from royalty that she is not spoiled and very smart. All of the characters Meghan encountered where very interesting and unique. Ms. Kagawa has a great niche for storytelling. It was like I was there with Meghan and I could see and touch everything. Clear off some time in your busy schedule as you will get lost in this book for good reason. I am on pins and needles awaiting the next book in this series, The Iron Daughter.


bookaholic said…
I am so glad you liked this book! I will shortly be reading Iron King and I wanted to check out as many reviews as possible :)

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