He is The Bride Collector

A body of a woman hanging nailed to a wall, drained of blood and wearing a wedding veil has been found. Ok, if this sentence didn’t get your attention, then you might be dead… Just kidding.

FBI special agent Brad Raines is called onto the case. This is one of the most gruesome and puzzling case he has encountered. Brad is going to need all the help. How do you think like a serial killer…well you obtain knowledge from someone who can get into the mind of the serial killer. Brad meets Paradise. Paradise has schizophrenia but she also has a very special gift. The ability to be about to live through the victims of the Bride Collector by experiencing the women’s final moments before their death, when Paradise touches the dead body.

I have read several books by Mr. Dekker and enjoy his thriller work. I read Kiss which was a collaboration with Erin Healy and didn’t care for it as much. This book was dark and twisted…just the way I like my thrillers. Raines equally matched wits with the Bride Collector. This I found nice as there are some times when the killer is stronger or even weaker then the authorities. Paradise was the wild card in this book. She was intriguing. Though, sadly I didn’t really fell the romance between Paradise and Brad. There were plenty of action and a few surprises along the way. If you are a fan of thrillers, then you will want to check out The Bride Collector today.


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