I’ll Know You by Heart

Stephanie Roberts is used to her husband, Mark abusing her. She just keeps excusing him. When their son, Tyson comes to the rescue of his mother, Mark loses it and starts hitting Tyson. Stephanie could put up with Mark hitting her but not one of their children. Stephanie finally reaches her breaking point and packs up all the children’s things. She, Tyson, and her two daughters, Maddie and Sarah leave. Stephanie is glad to be free of Mark. Mark will do anything to get his family back.

Jared Wakefield is trying to raise his daughter, Katie the best he can. His wife was killed, while driving drunk. Jared receives a phone call from Katie’s school that Katie fell and broke her arm. He takes her to the doctor, where he meets Stephanie. Jared strikes up a friendship with Stephanie. Jared and Stephanie will discover that love does give second chances.

I’ll Know You by Heart is a story of love, loss, hardship, friendship, and second chances. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this book. I really felt for the characters and what they were going through. It is sad what Stephanie went through with the abuse and all. I was really happy to see her become a fighter and get her self esteem back in this story. Jared and Stephanie made a nice couple. The subject matters in this book are tough but for those of you who don’t like depressing stories, be assured that I’ll Know You by Heart ends on a high note. I will be keeping my eye on this author’s next book.


Kara said…
Wow...I have definitely added this to my TBR list...thanks for the review!!!
Kimberly Job said…
Thanks for the great review, Cheryl. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book.

Remember, like Stephanie, to always follow your heart. :)
Marce said…
I enjoy emotional reads, I will have to look at this one.

I mentioned you on my blog, re your review on Rooms.

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