Don't forget to Drink the Tea

Willis Gidney is a private investigator. If you had told Gidney that he would some day become a PI, he would have laughed in your face. Gidney came from the streets of Washington; D.C. Gidney was a con artist and liar. That all changed when Gidney was taken in by Police Captain Shadrack Davies. Captain Davies helped show Gidney the straight and narrow path. Of course, you can never truly rid Gidney of his old ways. .

Steps Jackson is a famous Jazz saxophonist. He is also a good friend of Gidney’s. Steps asks Gidney to locate his daughter. First Gidney didn’t know Steps had a daughter and second thing; she has been missing for twenty one years. This case will take Gidney to the dangerous and seedy underbelly of the streets of Washington, D.C.

Mr. Kaufman is an Emmy award winning movie director and cameraman. I could see why Mr. Kaufman is at the top of his game. It showed in his debut novel…Drink the Tea. The characters were not just one-dimensional, which made me engaged in the story more. I really liked Willis. He had this rough edge to him from his days on the streets but he also had brain smarts as well. Mr. Kaufman through out some well placed twists in this plot. I was only about a third of the way into this book when I encountered the first surprise. I am not giving anything away, so if you want to know what it is, then you will just have to pick up a copy of this book for your self.


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