It is going to be a Prague Spring

Someone has murdered a US congressman’s son. This case brings in Inspector Simon Wolfe of the San Francisco PD. He will have to use everything in his arsenal to track down the killer. It won’t be easy as the killer is smart. It will be the battle of the wits.

It appears that the killer may have one up on Wolfe. The killer knows something about Wolfe’s past life before he became Inspector. Wolfe used to be an Israeli assassin but the question is…what does Wolfe’s past have to do with the present? This is the million dollar question that Wolfe must find the answer to before it is too late

I liked the beginning of this book. The pace started out right. Unfortunately, the adrenaline rush I felt in the beginning let me pretty soon afterwards. This of course seemed to apply only to me, as all the other reviews I saw for this book were glowing. I am not saying that I hated the book but only that it didn’t engage me as much as I had hoped it would. It was the characters and the storyline. I couldn’t connect with any of them. I appreciated that at the beginning of this book, Mr. Del Bourgo shared that the tried to be as accurate with the historical timelines and facts as he could with a fiction novel. Prague Spring showed that Mr. Del Bourgo showed good promise as an author.


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