The Burying Place

Lt. Jonathan Stride is recovering since his ordeal that took place in the prior novel; In the Dark. Maggie Bei, Stride’s partner has been keeping Stride in the loop about an ongoing investigation case. The case is in regards to several women have gone missing in the past few months. Maggie has just found body number four.

Denise Sheridan works as Deputy Sheriff for Itasca. She comes to pay Stride a visit. Denise needs Stride to investigate a missing person’s case for her. Rich, surgeon, Marcus Glenn reported his eleven month old daughter, Callie missing. Denise would like to take on the case but she can’t due to a conflict of issue. Marcus is her brother in law.

Stride and Maggie will both be challenged in The Burying Place. They will have to watch their backs or they could be the next ones buried.

Another fine read by Mr. Freeman. I have read pretty much all of Mr. Freeman’s books except for In the Dark. Which I still plan on reading. I was blown away by Mr. Freeman’s debut novel, Immortal and knew that this author would be big, even before the hype really started spreading.

I could tell that I had missing a little by not reading In the Dark, as there was some reference to why Stride was on leave and recovering but nothing that really took away from this book or the story line. Speaking of story lines, this one had some well placed twists and plenty of intensity. All of the female leads in this book were strong, confident women. I liked this. Plus they matched well with Stride. Don’t let The Burying Place get buried on your tbr or wish list. Start reading this book today.


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