Jacob Logan left his home town of Maryfield, North Carolina as soon as he could and never looked back. Now, Jacob is all grown up. Jacob has returned home. Both his parents have passed away. It isn’t long that Jacob has been back before he starts experiencing weird and unexplainable things. There is an evil force in the house and surrounding the property. Jacob can remember chasing after the fireflies that were around his home, when he was a little boy. It appears that the fireflies have something more to worry about then Jacob. Every time they get too close to the house, they die. Jacob must figure it out before the evil presence that is killing the fireflies consumes him.

I so missed getting on the right train that everyone else seems to have booked a ticket to with this book. When I read Mr. Clegg’s comment about comparing Mr. Dansky to Stephen King, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of Firefly Rain to see for myself. Unfortunately, Firefly Rain ended up all wet. This book started out alright but I barely got a third of the way into it and that is when it fizzled. Neither the characters nor the story line grabbed me and made me want more.


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