Micah Taylor has the good life. He is rich, has a girlfriend, and is the boss of his own company. What more could he ask for? One day Micah receives a letter written by is Uncle Archie. His uncle tells Micah that five months ago he built a home on the Oregon coast especially for Micah. The home is to bring Micah resolve and restoration. Micah first thinks it is a joke…a home built for him. Micah has never really known his uncle. Also Micah has not been back to Oregon since the accident.

Micah decides to leave Seattle for a bit and check the home out. Through he has no plans of staying. Once in Oregon, Micah meets Sarah, who works at the local ice cream shop and Rick, a mechanic. There is something different about Rick but Micah can’t quite put his finger to it. Will Micah find the resolve and restoration he didn’t know he was looking for or will he go back to his posh life in Seattle?

Rooms is the first book I have read by James Rubart. After reading this book, I look forward to more to come from him. This book was filled with suspense, intrigue, some paranormal elements, any a good message. The parts I was most intrigued about was when Micah was in the house and things were happening to him and a man’s voice kept calling out and saying things to Micah. Also the letters that Micah’s uncle wrote were not light reading. It goes to show that God puts people and us in situations for a reason. Rooms is a very fast paced read. Won’t you come along on this journey with Micah and check out Rooms today!


MarceJ said…
Never heard of this one, it sounds GOOD totally me.

Thanks for a great review Cheryl, adding to my TBR list now.

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