The Murderer’s Daughters

After Lulu and Merry’s father murdered their mother, all Lulu and Merry wanted was another place to call home. Unfortunately, they never found another place they could call home, as they were bounced from place to place. Though this all, Lulu and Merry realized that home is where the heart is and nothing is stronger then a sister’s bond. Sadly before they could both come to this realization, they first would have to endure lots of heartache and loss. Lulu is forever haunted by the words of her mother asking her to not let their father into the house. Lulu feels like she let her mother and sister down. Merry on the other hand carries with her the scar from when her father cut her. Can Lulu and Merry step out of the shadows of being known as The Murderer’s Daughters?

The Murderer’s Daughters is the debut novel by Randy Susan Meyers. Right from the beginning this book grabbed me by the heart and sucked me into Lulu and Merry’s world. I literally almost couldn’t stop reading this book. It is a one sit read! There are few books that come along, every once in a while, that make you want to jump up and scream to everyone that you have got to check this book out. When this happens you know you are holding and reading a winner. Every step that Lulu and Merry took…I took with them. The bond that Lulu and Merry shared is priceless. Mrs. Meyers is an author to watch out for. She has made a big name for herself in the booking world. The Murderer’s Daughters is a book you will want to read over and over. I can’t wait to see what she brings for me next.


I read about another book with a similar premise. I can imagine that this kind of book must be an intense. It's great that the author was able to capture it so well that you had such a strong response.
Marce said…
I picked this one up to read but chose something else, I will definitely read it in April. I'm glad it sucked you in like that, great review.

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