Jane Slayre has just obtained a job as the new governess to Mr. Rochester’s daughter, Adele. Once Jane arrives, she realizes that it might have been a mistake to agree to be the new governess. There is something strange about Mr. Rochester. Most of the time he hides behind closed doors. Though, whenever Jane does get to spend time with Mr. Rochester, she feels a connection with him.

Mr. Rochester is not the only person, Jane has to worry about. His former wife is locked up in the attic. She is a werewolf. Jane must deal with her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one of Jane’s friend’s turns into a zombie. Oh what is a girl to do?

This book drew me into the scary and morbid world of Jane Slayre. It takes a strong woman to deal with vampires, werewolves and zombies. All of the characters played a prominent part in the story, even the secondary characters. Jane started out a prim and proper young woman but as the story advanced, readers saw her grow and become a demon slayer. It seems everywhere you turn there are tons and tons of books to choose from that feature vampires, werewolves and zombies. It is still a little rare to have all three appear in the same book. Sheri Browning Erwin did a good job incorporating paranormal elements into a classic. Though, I have never read the original book, I had no issues with reading this new twist to a classic. Jane Slayre is a slaying good time. Fans of Charlotte Bronte will probably like this latest mash up. Though, I am sure Ms. Bronte is rolling in her grave as we speak over this book. If she could, she would return as a zombie and try and take down Jane Slayre and Sheri Browning Erwin. Jane Slayre is better than some of the others one out there right now.


Unknown said…
I just don't know about this! Why are they mashing up my favorite classics? :)

I just can't see Jane as a slayer! of anything!
Cheryl said…
Laura- I understand. I probably would feel more like you if I had read the original.

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