Flirting with Forever

The Executive Guild is in charge of supervising the afterlife of artist. They have learned about Campbell “Cam” Stratford. Ms. Stratford aims to release a fictography about the famous artist, Van Dyck. What Cam is saying about Van Dyck could ruin his reputation as people knew him. The Guild wants Peter Lely to stop Stratford from releasing the fictography.

Cam was working on the Van Dyck piece, when all of a sudden she felt a weird sensation. The next thing she knows, she is nude. Cam realizes that she is not alone in the room. There are many other nude women. Cam escapes in search of some clothes, only to bump into Peter. Peter is known as a bit of a playboy. When Cam becomes Peter’s newest muse... things start to heat up.

Flirting with Forever is a fun, upbeat, historical, romantic read. This book started out good but it sort of fizzed a bit in the middle for some reason. The chemistry between Cam and Peter didn’t explode for me. I expected more fireworks then I got. Though, I did laugh several times through out this book. Cam was a bit of a klutz. Peter may be a play boy but he has a heart of gold. Flirting with Forever was not a bad introduction to a new author in Gwyn Cready.


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