Find yourself discovering the Language of Secrets

Justin Fisher has returned home to play his respects to his parents. He comes back to a huge surprise. One that will change his life and everything he knew about it forever.

Justin goes to the grave yard. There he finds his mother’s and father’s headstones. Justin also sees another headstone. The name on the head stone says Thomas Justin Fisher…born August 5, 1972 to February 20, 1976. It is Justin’s headstone but how can that be as Justin is alive. Justin is about to travel down a path that he can’t turn back from. Just who really is Thomas Justin Fisher?

To be honest, when I picked The Language of Secrets, I had no clue what it really was about. I skimmed over the summary and thought it sounded intriguing. When I actually sat down to start reading it, I was blown away by how much I found myself really getting into this book. The past was more exciting then the present. I found every time the story traveled back to the past, the story built on itself and got more interesting as the story went on. I felt for Justin as a little boy. All of the characters had great depth and range of emotions. It was hard not to get entangled by what was happening in toe story. Clear some time off your schedule as you will find yourself discovering the Language of Secrets by Dianne Dixon.


Cheryl said…
This sounds like a very interesting book. I have to read it!
Kara said…
Added this one to my list!!! Here lately, you have become on of my top enablers!!! LOL
Cheryl said…
Glad you like my review Chery. Nice to met a fellow CHeryl

Kara- I hate when that happens! LOL

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