Book Review: Vicious Tycoon


A Hollywood love story, second chance romance from Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson

Bailey McGraw Pierce is Hollywood’s sweetheart, and I’m their bad boy.

She’s everything I’m not.




Little Miss Goody Two-shoes can do no wrong in the limelight. That’s who she is to the world and her family. But I know the girl behind closed doors, the one I experienced all my firsts with, on and off screen.

Now, seven years later, my career depends on America’s sweetheart agreeing to be my love interest for the next romantic blockbuster titled, “Say You love Me.”

There’s just one huge problem…

I’m still in love with her.

My Review

Who doesn't love an angsty, spicy, romance read. Especially when the movie couple is actually a real couple in real life. We all love a great love story. There are so many moments that I can't pick a favorite. They will all life in my head playing over and over again. 

I could not get enough of Aires and Bay. They chemistry they shared had my heart fluttering. Aires is a silver-tongued devil. Not just with his words but with how he uses his tongue. 

"You're mine, and you're going to give me what I want."

You could say that I was fully invested in these two. I wanted to savor every moment but at the same time I read this book so fast as I loved it. M has a winner with this book!


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