Book Review: Things Left Unsaid


G.A. Mazurke

Release Date: June 14


Colt’s the town’s golden boy…

…I’m a no-good McAllister

My grandmother summoned me to the family ranch and dropped a contract in my lap. I either marry Pigeon Creek’s resident billionaire and give him a child or we lose the Bar 9. 

Pretty soon, I’m leaving NYC behind and moving onto the 7Cs. 

A long time ago, my last name didn’t matter and his status meant nothing. Now, he hates me and I can’t forgive him.

Forced proximity reminds us of what we once had, but with so many things left unsaid, can we ever be anything more? 

My Review

Can we call Colt = grumpy. He definitely gave off those vibes in the beginning. There was no instant chemistry between Colt and Zee. Yet, as the story progressed, Colt warmed up to Zee. You could say that I too warmed up to Colt.

You could feel the tension but the more time that Colt and Zee spent with each other, the spark grew. It was a slow burn romance but worth the wait for sure.

I really liked the small-town vibes. All of the characters in this book felt like main characters and no one felt like they were a side one.

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Meet G.A. Mazurke:

G.A. Mazurke is the crazy lady behind Serena Akeroyd, crafter of smexy heroes you just wanna lick. While Serena has us expecting dark romance with lots of twists and turns … G. A. is her more mainstream/contemporary personality.

She explores her sweeter side while keeping the sexy we love, where the women fall hard but the men fall harder.

Some of G. A.’s books will cross over into Serena’s universes… so expect a cameo or two from beloved characters, while discovering new bands of brothers, with the banter, the laughs and the tears you are used to.

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