Book Review: Hold Me If You Can


Nellie Belanger and JP Marchand have the perfect arrangement

1. She comes to Montreal
2. He makes sure she comes when she’s in Montreal.
3. That’s it.

Despite missing out on her life-changing internship and committing herself to a summer of social obligations and stuffy events so she can afford to finish her final year of university, Nellie’s feeling pretty lucky. Between regular rendezvous with her former professor, Ben, and the sweet arrangement with JP, Nellie’s busy, satisfied after finding not one but two friends-with-benefits who are into her no-strings-attached philosophy.

When Anne-Marie—Nellie’s best friend and JP’s sister who wants nothing more than for Nellie and JP to add strings to their arrangement—catches Nellie returning home red-faced and sweaty one night, it sets off a series of events involving a charity fun run and an unexpected betrayal, leaving Nellie scrambling to meet her father’s unreasonable expectations.

But after her brilliant solution offends the wrong person and leads her father to issue a devastating ultimatum, Nellie must do something she swore she’d never do ask JP Marchand for a favour.

And JP knows exactly what he wants in return.

This is book 2 of the If You Can series, a series of books following an unapologetically sensual college student on her journey from bed to bed. They feature multiple love interests/spicy partners with no love triangles or cheating. The conclusion to this plot line will be released in Fall 2024.

Hold Me If You Can is not a standalone and is best read after Kiss Me If You Can, but a series summary can be found at the beginning of the book for readers who would rather jump into this story first.

My Review

I really like these books. It has been great to see how Nellie and JP's relationship is evolving from when they first met as little children, to their first time to now. Both are more experienced and familiar with each other. 

JP cracks me up. The way that he knows how to get under Nellie's skin and tease her when his sister, Anne-Marie is around. Which I love Anne-Marie, but girl you can't be that clueless about JP and Nellie. 

Nellie's interaction with her Professor, Ben are spicy too. He truly cared for Nellie. You get it girlfriend with Ben and JP. 

I can't wait to read the next book and see where JP and Nellie end up with each other. 


Freya said…
Hello, do you have some books at OCOM in Portland? I wondered if you’d be interested in seeking me a couple of them? Just thought I’d ask!!

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