Book Review: Dropping the Mitts


Love can blur even the fiercest of rivalries.


When I kiss a guy dressed as Pac-Man at a party, it feels like fate. But fate must have a twisted sense of humor—because falling for the son of the man who ruined my family was never part of the plan.

Tate Myers, star hockey player and my sworn enemy, ignites a hate in me that’s hotter than any slapshot. Yet the heart wants what it wants—even if it means crossing every line I’ve drawn.


Getting snubbed by a chick dressed as Taco Belle at a party sucked almost as much as taking a slapshot to the face. My jaw and my world shatter, but the tall, curvy goddess next door keeps me afloat with her pranks.

I have no idea why she hates me, but right now, I hate myself, too. This is my second chance at making her fall for me, and I’m determined to win her over.

Can love conquer a bitter rivalry born on frozen ground, or will family feuds tear them apart?

Lace up for a scorching clash of romance and redemption in the rink of second chances.

My Review

Every time that Lasairiona comes out with a new book, I drop everything to read it. They are so freaking amazing. Plus, the witty banter and spice is top notch! 

I was laughing the whole time I was reading this book. Warning: Readers who like to highlight and tab, you will need two copies of this book as one of the copies will be all highlighted and tabbed up!

For slow burn romances, this book is amazing. Penelope and Tate really bring it. What with their prank war. Also, the nicknames they called each other are great. Penelope is Pitstop and Tate is Satan. Love a curvy FMC, who is confident. It made it even better that Tate only saw Penelope for her personality and what she has inside then her physical appearance. 


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