Book Review: Episodes of Violence


Amber had been looking forward to college life. She loved high school and was certain college would be even better, especially since she pledged one of the sororities on campus. At least that was what she thought until the night her soul was fractured, waking the darkness within her. Unable to cope, she returns home, hoping to heal.

Unfortunately, her hometown is wrought with brutal violence. People are being slaughtered in random fashion. The police are clueless. Despite the surrounding chaos, she is still determined to thrive. However, when the violence shows up at her front door and rips her life apart, she realizes that the darkness within her is the only thing that will keep her sane and alive.

My Review

This was a "just ok" read for me. I saw potential in it to be great. Yet, there were still enough good things about the book that did keep my interest all the way through to the end. 

What I struggled with the most is the characters. None of them are endearing or interesting. Even Amber and what she went through, I just felt a bit indifferent towards her. Even some of the victims were not good people. 

While the k!llings were brutal, I did not find the descriptions of them that gruesome. I guess I was just expecting this book to be darker and more gruesome. However, I would read another book by this author. 


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