Book Review: ENDfinity


Everyone deserves love, understanding, to be heard, and, above all, hope.

As I began to write this book, penning thoughts and ideas about this very notion, I found myself in a place where the world sometimes appears overwhelmingly dark. I believe our minds and hearts resonate with that darkness too. Surrounded by negativity, often stemming from those around us, we may begin to doubt ourselves and our convictions.

I hope that by reading this book, you can find some direction, motivation, or perhaps even inspiration. A glimmer of light during dark and challenging times. I hope you will recognize that we all possess our own beauty. That each and every one of us has the power to shape our own destinies, rewrite our own stories, and uncover the true beauty that resides within us all. There is so much to explore, see, and experience out there. Our own horizons are limitless and vast.

We all deserve to venture and pursue our own happiness, and it begins with the infinite ways we need to believe in and love ourselves.

My Review

WOW. This book resonated with me so much. There are times in our lives when we all need that pick me up to help us keep going. That is what this book did for me. 

The imageries that Hydrus took and are featured in this book perfectly matched with the words from the poems. While this is the quick read, it took me several days to read, this is because I was savoring every word and their meanings. Sometimes rereading poems because I loved them so much. 

That is what this book is meant to do is to resonate with your soul. This will be one that I will reread again. Fans of Hydrus get ready for another amazing read!


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